August 30, 2019

TLC during pregnancy and as a new mom


It’s funny how each season of my life I’ve felt like I couldn’t possibly be more exhausted than at that moment. Being pregnant with Blaire, I had NO idea I’d learn a new level of tired after she was born. I thought I was exhausted throughout my entire pregnancy! Then being pregnant and chasing around a two-year-old, now being pregnant with a five-year-old and a two-year-old. At this point in my life, I can almost sleep through anything. I can fall asleep faster than I ever imagined possible and I can only imagine how I’m going to juggle a kindergartner, a two-year-old and a new born.

TLC: Best Bets For New Moms + Baby

When Babbleboxx offered to send a box full of products tailored to new moms and their babies, I was super excited to see what they’d put together. All moms can use some TLC, right?! From moisturizer, to maternity underwear, to ginger chews designed to help with morning sickness, they covered everything.

Ginger Chews from Prince of Peace
It’s weird that “morning sickness” has seemed to come back in the final months of each pregnancy. Ginger supports digestion and can comfort an upset stomach. I had tried Original Ginger Chews before but the new Mango Chews are sweet and are so, so good!

Soothie Snuggle & 9oz Natural Bottle from Phillips Avent
The Soothie Snuggle is Ben’s favorite! Both of my kids have loved the Avent Soothie they received in the hospital and have continued to use it past their second birthdays. They both liked having a stuffed animal attached, but as soon as they bite through that soothie, the entire thing had to be replaced. With the Soothie Snuggle, the plush toy is detachable! Meaning you can easily clean the animal and can replace the Soothie when needed. Sorry, baby, big brother realllly loves binkies still so he claimed this one for himself.

Soothie Snuggle from Phillips Avent

Playtex Nursing Bras
I started nursing in 2014 and I have continued to wear nursing bras nearly every day since. I just couldn’t go back to wearing an uncomfortable, “traditional” bra. This nursing bra from Playtex is SO comfortable. The racerback is perfect with the majority of my maternity summer dresses and tank tops. It meets my requirement of being wire-free and having removable foam cup inserts. It’s stretchy so it fits throughout pregnancy and nursing.

Maternity Panties from Hanes
I had never bought maternity underwear before, but I was super excited to try these. I tried sizing up in the underwear I typically buy, but they feel like they’re falling down throughout the day, while my normal size feels 10 times too small. These a’re full coverage and tag-free so you’ll be comfortable all day.

Medipro Baby First Aid Pod from Me4Kidz
I had no idea what to expect from this first aid kit, because it said it contained 105 items, yet it was no bigger than any other first aid kit I’ve ever purchased. Inside the main kit are neatly organized pods that make it easier to carry an even smaller kit when on-the-go.

You can use code Babble2019 for 25% off your Medipro Baby First Aid Pod now through 12/31/19.

Anti-Aging Moisturizer from Vichy
Skin care during pregnancy can be tricky. I know there are certain products and ingredients to steer clear from. And for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to get the natural, coveted “pregnancy glow” there is Vichy! This Anti-Aging Moisturizer is full of Peptide-C and ultra-moisturizing to make my dry, dull skin glow. Peptides are one of the most dermatologist recommended ingredients to help fight those visible effects
of collagen loss.

You can use code Babble19 for 10% off + Free Shipping at Vichy now through 9/30/19.

Guess How Much I Love You 25th Anniversary Book from Candlewick Press
This book has been Blaire and I’s favorite since she was born. Jason and I always read it to her and any time she wants “just one more” bedtime story, she knows she can grab Guess How Much I Love You, knowing I’ll agree. This 25th Anniversary Edition is beautiful! We have the board book, so this version is much larger (perfect for crowding three kids around) and is the perfect keepsake.

You can use code CANDLEWICK at checkout on for 25% your book order (US Purchases Only).

Guess How Much I Love You 25th Anniversary Book

I can’t believe we’ll be welcoming another sweet baby to our family in just over a month. I’m not 100% prepared but we are getting there!

What were your must-haves to give yourself a little TLC as a new mom?