November 6, 2019

the importance of your baby’s gut health


I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you’ve never thought of giving your infant a probiotic. I hadn’t. Yet I know probiotics are important for the overall health of adults and children. The first time I even realized there were probiotics for infants was around the time Blaire was three months old. She was on an antibiotic for an ear infection and our pediatrician recommended one to restore the good bacteria found in her gut that had been killed by the antibiotic.

I first began using Evivo when Ben was three months old. Within days I noticed less fussiness and gas. Before trying it for the first time, I did tons of research on the benefits of giving a probiotic to an infant. In my research, I found 9 out of 10 babies are missing the (good!) bacteria B. infantis. Without it, there are ingredients in breast milk your baby can’t digest. Evivo contains this active strain of good bacteria, which means the nutrients in your breast milk are fully utilized to protect your baby’s gut. Without B. infantis in baby’s gut, the bad bacteria can thrive, especially those linked to a higher risk of eczema, allergies, diabetes, and obesity. 

With Blaire, we never used Evivo. With Ben, we began using it around the age of three months old and with Sloane we’ve been using it since she was five days old. I have noticed when using Evivo, our babies spit up less and cry less. Moms surveyed about their experience with Evivo said their babies had fewer colic symptoms (gassiness and fussiness), less/no diaper rash and better/longer stretches of nighttime sleep. The first six months of your baby’s life contains many critical developmental milestones. Having B. infantis present in their gut during these first six months is crucial, as their metabolism and immune system are developing. 

Evivo Infant Probiotic

You only need 3-5ml of breast milk for each serving of probiotic and you only give the probiotic once per day. You add your 3-5ml of breastmilk into the provided dish, add in the little packet of probiotic and then mix it together in the dish. It comes with a 5ml dropper, so you suck it up into the dropper and feed it to your baby.

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