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4 Ways to Save Money when Shopping

July 7, 2017
Shopping at

Obviously I love shopping… probably more than I should. Shopping is my therapy. It’s how I unwind. Finding a good deal makes my heart happy. But that love of shopping means I spend a lot of money. Probably too much money, sometimes. While we don’t currently operate from a budget (although I probably should. Definitely something to work on this year!) spending less money on the lame things,…


Making Mornings Simple with Reynolds Heat & Eat

October 7, 2016
Reynolds Disposable Heat and Eat

Mornings are always crazy around here. We always have more bags that I have hands, which means lots of trips back and forth to the car. Adding to the craziness lately — trying to leave myself enough time in the morning to pack a lunch! I am the. worst. at taking a lunch to work. I just love getting out of the office for lunch (Also I’m always running late.…


Mother’s Day Gift Guide

April 20, 2016
Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

Can you believe it’s almost May? Which means Mother’s Day is less than 3 weeks away. This year is just flying by! As a mama, I look forward to Mother’s Day as a day to spend with my family, where we get to do whatever I want to do. Sleeping in. Coffee. The Farmer’s Market. FOOD… those are a few of my favorite things. And it’s exactly how I…

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Easy Like Sunday Morning

March 9, 2015

I can’t believe it’s 8:45 on Sunday night. Thanks, a lot, Daylight Savings Time. We have had quite the weekend. On Thursday I picked Blaire up from daycare and I was told that she wasn’t herself all day. Crying, sleepy and wouldn’t eat. Not like her at all. When I got her jacket on her, she laid down on the floor like she was going to go to sleep.…

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11 Month Favorites

February 9, 2015
11 Month Favorites

Well… Blaire officially started walking a week fews ago and there’s just no keeping her still these days. She is still loving all of her 9 and 10 month favorites, and we’ve added these in to the mix, as well. These days, she really loves books (especially if they have fun textures inside) and toys that sing. Below are our 11 month must-haves. Bath Spout Cover // Puppy’s Home //…