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April 30, 2020

Ben is THREE

Ben is 3

Nickname(s): Benny, Benny Boo Height/Weight: 36.25″ or 3′ (22%) / 31.4lbs (43%) Wearing: 2T and moving into 3T Saying: Everything! He can repeat anything you ask him to. He talks about Toy Story nonstop. He is usually pretty easy to understand, for anyone who lives with him, anyways. Favorite Things: He loves T.O.T.S. and still love Toys Story everything. Biggest Milestone: He ditched his binky back in September…

April 15, 2020

Sloane: five & six months old

five months Nickname(s): Sloaney, Sloaney girl, Sloaney Bologny (gross but I say it and now my kids say it) Weight/Height: 15lbs / 24.75″ Wearing: 3-6 month and size 3 diapers Favorite Things: Her rocker, sitting up, chewing on things, watching basketball with dad, snuggling, catnaps Milestone(s): Can roll over but still isn’t doing it consistently. She loves laying on her back playing with the toys on her playmat. My…

March 26, 2020

Blaire is SIX!

Nicknames: Blairsey, lady, ladybug Height/Weight: 46.5″ or 3.88′ (70%) and 50.2lbs (75%) Learning: SO MUCH! Kindergarten really has been amazing. She is learning to read and math is her favorite subject. Watching: Bluey, Bunk’d, Zombies, and Raven’s home are some of her favorites. She’s slowly moving to Disney shows from Disney Jr. and it kind of makes me sad. Reading: She loves that the library at her school…

March 23, 2020

an honest review: littles one sleep program (ages 3-12 months)

A good sleep routine is just not something we’ve been able to get right for our children. Blaire was always hit or miss. Ben still has trouble putting himself to sleep. Both still end up in our bed at some point most nights. We want to do better this time around and we know the sooner we start with good sleep habits, the better. Third time is a…

March 22, 2020

motherhood photo session with rachel clem

We haven’t had professional photos taken since my maternity pictures while I was pregnant with Sloane. I’ve really been wanting to get some taken, other than the 1947 I take of her per day, so when Rachel of Rachel Clem Photography reached out about shooting a motherhood session, I jumped at the chance. Rachel has a client wardrobe with lots of beautiful, neutral pieces that all fit well…

October 8, 2019

Sloane’s birth story: my second VBAC

Labor with Sloane

Happy due date, baby girl! A week ago we were heading to the hospital, hoping we would be meeting the final member of our family soon. I had contractions every day throughout the last 8ish weeks of my pregnancy. Some days they were intense, they just never got close together. FINALLY, on 10/1, at exactly 39 weeks, they stayed consistently five minutes apart for an hour while we…

September 22, 2019

Ben: 2.5 years old

Nickname(s): Benny Weight/Height: 27lbs (20%) / 34.75” (27.4%) Wearing: Finally moving into 2T for shirts and still in 18-24 or 24 month pants and shorts. Saying: Oh gosh, he’s saying everything. Some of my favorite phrases of his include “uh huh, yep.” instead of just yes or yeah or yep. “right, mom?” “naughty, naughty, naughty, naughty.” He also likes to tell you that police officers will come get you…

September 22, 2019

Blaire: 5.5 years old

Nicknames: Blairsey Height/Weight: 45” (73.3%) / 48lbs (80%) Learning: She started kindergarten in August and she really loves it so far. They’re practicing letters, doing math, PE, art and music. Her artwork is really getting more and more detailed and she is so proud of it! She has the occasional morning where she’d rather stay home with Ben and I, but overall she is up and excited for…

September 15, 2019

pregnancy update: 36 weeks

How far along: 36 weeks Total weight gain: 18lbs Movement: Still all of the time. It’s so fun to be able to see and feel her moving around in there. I can’t believe I’ll never feel another baby kick after this! Mood: Happy and excited! Food cravings: Root beer floats! Gender: Girl. Sleep: Not terrible! I feel like I might actually sleep the best when I’m napping with Ben during the day.…

July 23, 2019

pregnancy update: 28 weeks

How far along: 28 weeks aka THE THIRD TRIMESTER Total weight gain: 7lbs Movement: All the time! If I am sitting or laying still, this baby is on the move. I usually lay in bed for an hour or so feeling her kick and move around… then she calms down and I can fall asleep. I definitely believe she’s about 2lbs and 16” long by the strength of…

April 13, 2019

blaire turns 5 | ben turns 2

Blaire & Ben at Wallace's

This spring both of our babies have celebrated their birthdays, with Blaire turning five and Ben turning two. They both have such strong-willed personalities. They LOVE to play together, but also play well separately because, well, they both want to get their own way. I hope Ben always enjoys having multiple mothers because Blaire is always watching him. She inspects the age for every toy he gets, even…

February 15, 2019

indoor fun at altitude trampoline park

Altitude Trampoline Park

We went to our local Altitude Trampoline Park for the first time and the kids had so much fun! I wasn’t sure how much Ben would like it, since he isn’t quite two yet. And while we wasn’t the best jumper, he LOVED the foam pits. We were there for about 60 seconds before he dove right in to one and climbed all the way over to the…