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3 easy tips to raise kids who give back

November 7, 2017
Blaire & Ben

This post is sponsored by Huggies®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Now that Halloween has passed, it’s officially the holidays. And the holidays are always a perfect time to reflect on how blessed we are and to take time to give back to those who aren’t as fortunate. I’ll be the first to admit I live a very blessed life. My parents always…


Babies, Babies, Babies.

December 13, 2015

When you have a toddler, there’s no such thing as having too many diapers! Blaire LOVES playing with dolls. She is quite the little mama. From feeding her babies, to dressing them, to changing their diapers – she’s all over the place. It makes my heart melt to see how caring and sweet she is. What diapers will you find around our house? Huggies Little Movers diapers! They…

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I Love You, Weekend

October 13, 2014

Well another weekend has come and gone… why do they always fly by so quickly? We had such a fun and busy weekend hanging out with family and friends. Blaire was extra funny this weekend. She learned to babble “yeah” and “hey” and this morning she won’t stop saying “da da.” It is sooooo precious. I just can’t believe how quickly babies learn things. She likes to wave…