November 15, 2018

sugar-free cherry limeade


Sugar Free Cherry Limeade

Everyone knows I don’t like to drink water. I much prefer my cherry-flavored pop or some sugary, flavored coffee. And with the holidays coming up, I tend to turn to them even more. But, both sugar and caffeine tend to make me more anxious. And really, I don’t need help being anxious, especially during the winter months. So I’m really excited to share this REALLY easy recipe with you. It’s perfect for holiday entertaining (and everyday!) because really all you need is one ingredient + ice.

You pour one bottle of Sparkling ICE Cherry Limeade on top of ice and WA LA.

You’re done. If you want them to look fancy, you can garnish with some limes and cherries. 

There is a fast food Cherry Limeade that I would occasionally treat myself to in the past and comparing the . In the medium there are 220 calories, 57g sugar, 45mg sodium and 59g carbs. This version? 0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 sodium, 0 carbs.

Sugar Free Cherry Limeade
Sugar Free Cherry Limeade
Drinking Cherry Limeade

 Even if Cherry Limeade isn’t your thing, there are 16 flavors of Sparkling ICE Flavored Sparkling Water. You can find them on Amazon and in your local stores. 

What’s your favorite sugar-free drink that tastes as good as the sugary version? 

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Sugar Free Cherry Limeade Recipe

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