February 5, 2018

snow + sink baths


Sink Bath - Ben 2018I am SO happy our kitchen has such a giant sink. When we bought our house, I never realized how perfect it would be to bathe our babies in. And by “babies,” I mean as long as they’ll let me. ;) During the last few months I was pregnant with Ben, Blaire loved to take a bath in the sink. It made me feel like she was still my little baby and it was so much easier on my back. 

Ben LOVES to splash, he gets water everywhere. So, I figure I may as well let him clean my kitchen while he’s at it. And, Blaire loves to have the whole bathtub to herself so she can live her mermaid life (PLUS she gets to use a bath bomb when she’s by herself!). 

Sink Bath - Ben 2018 Sink Bath - Ben 2018 Sink Bath - Ben 2018 Sink Bath - Ben 2018 Sink Bath - Ben 2018

Yesterday and today both had snow in the forecast. Yesterday was only about an inch, today should be 4-6″. Boooo. So, what better way to celebrate than by staying cozy inside? 

Thank you to Nuby for sending us these stackable boats! Ben loves them. 

Happy Monday!

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