November 5, 2019

Sloane: one month old


Sloane One Month Old

I cannot believe I am already doing my first monthly update for our last baby. The best part about this time around is not having a countdown going for when I have to go back to work. I feel like that countdown made the time go by that much faster and made it so much harder on me with both Blaire and Ben.

Now I just have the sadness that I won’t ever experience these things again… those thoughts of never having to do “this” again was fine when I was 39 weeks pregnant and begging to get this baby out of me. Or when I was in the hospital getting my epidural. But even those things don’t seem that bad already… which is obviously how the human race continues on. ;)

Sloane sleeps about 22 hours a day. Blaire and Ben both love her. Ben occasionally has a jealous moment. It’s usually when I’m feeding her or pumping. He will want to sit with me and doesn’t want me distracted by anything (or anyone) else. It is nice with Blaire at school during the week and Sloane sleeping so much because he and I can spend time playing or watching movies together and I think that helps.

One Month

Nickname(s): Sloaney

Weight/Height: 9lbs 2oz (49%) / 20″ (8%)

Wearing: Newborn clothes and size 1 diapers.

Favorite Things: Sleeping on mom and dad, lights, being swaddled, laying on her playmat and eating.

Biggest Milestone: Gaining weight! She wasn’t gaining enough and had to have a few weight checks, but once she made it back to her birth weight, we were cleared and don’t have to go back until her 2 month well visit.

Biggest Challenge: Getting Blaire to school on time. No matter what time we are up, Sloane will need a diaper change and want to eat as soon as I’m busy helping Blaire with something and then as soon as I need to put her in her car seat to go. Fingers crossed we are finally getting into a good rhythm since she hasn’t been late in at least a week.

My Favorite Part of This Stage: Cuddling a sleeping newborn. Just the sweet smell of a newborn on my chest while I’m sitting on the couch is my favorite thing. She can sleep all day if she’s being held. She loves to cuddle and I will miss having a baby this small to hold.

Looking Forward To: Smiles! Right now it’s just the sleepy smiles. I can’t wait until she starts really smiling at things on purpose.

Sloane Newborn Photo
Sloane Newborn Photo
Sloane in carseat
Sloane Newborn Photo
Sloane in Wildbird Sling
Sloane, Blaire and Ben
Sloane One Month Old
Sloane at One Month Old
Sloane One Month

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