February 3, 2020

Sloane: four months old


Four Months

Nickname(s): Sloaney

Weight/Height: as of 2/13, 14lbs 3oz (42%) / 24.25″ (28%) continuing right along on her growth curve

Wearing: 0-3 month and moving into 3-6 month! Still in size 2 diapers but ready to move to size 3 when we finish this box.

Favorite Things: chewing on anything she can get her hands on, cuddling, being worn, being held, her play mat, and, of course, eating.

Milestone(s): Reaching out and grabbing things, babbling away, starting to laugh

My Favorite Part of This Stage: she is so social! she recognizes family and friends, she reaches out for things that she wants but is still so cuddly.

Looking Forward To: Getting past the 4 month sleep regression.

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