February 5, 2017

must have baby items for your 2nd baby


Registering for baby number two has been wayyyy less stressful than registering for our first baby.

With our first, I was so worried I would miss something big or I would register for something that would stop working a month in. I read blogs, scoured reviews, googled everything. Registered for things. Got them. Returned them because I suddenly found a bad review about it and I was taking no chances. 

But with baby number 2, you know probably already have the majority of what you NEED, as far as bigger pieces.

There were a few things we had borrowed when Blaire was a baby, so we have to replace those. Also, since we are having a boy, we’ve had to stock a tiny closet full of tiny new clothes. This time around, I spent some time searching for the things I didn’t quite love from our first time around and during my time on Google, I came across Gugu Guru and just had to try it out. What is Gugu Guru? It’s a personalized baby registry site. What’s that mean? You create your account, answer a few questions and receive a customized registry created just for you. Easy peasy.  

Registry for Baby 2

Dockatot Deluxe | Solly Baby Wrap | Milestone Baby Cards | Ollie Swaddle | Binxy Baby | Boobie Bars | Mamaroo | Covered Goods | Dish Soap | Laundry Detergent

This is the majority of my customized registry and I love it! There’s something about a nursery full of baby items that makes me feel like I’m more than ready to have this little guy here with us. Then I think about the transition from one kid to two and decide he can just hang out in there awhile longer. 

Dockatot Deluxe: I had never heard of the Dockatot when Blaire was a baby. If I had, I would have sold anything to buy it with the hopes my baby would FINALLY sleep through the night. Well she finally did. At 9-months-old. and it. was. rough. I also coslept with Blaire and so I’m excited to use this in the bed to let baby safely cosleep. 

Solly Baby Wrap: The wrap I had the first time around never worked out right. I got it on major clearance and I think it was too small for me. But, it was the only size they had left so I tried to make it work. The Solly Wrap is one-size fits all AND it comes in lots of super cute patterns/prints. Baby wearing for the win!

Milestone Baby Cards: Monica at Gugu Guru said she always recommends these to second-time (or third-time or fourth-time) moms because it helps you remember to document all of those milestones you documented for baby number one. Challenge accepted. 

Ollie Swaddle: I have heard amazing things about this swaddle. We didn’t necessarily have one we loved for Blaire. So I’m really excited to try this for baby boy.

Binxy Baby: I have been promised this will make shopping with two kids a little easier. You can use it from birth up until baby is strong enough to sit up unassisted. So I see myself utilizing it during lots of Target trips throughout my maternity leave.

Boobie Bars: I can’t tell you how much Fenugreek and Oatmeal I consumed trying to keep my supply up with Blaire. I am hoping these Boobie Bars will taste better AND the best part? You only need to eat one to get your full day’s of milk-boosting herbs. No more taking 8 Fenugreek pills a day. Score!

Mamaroo: Blaire loved her swing as a baby, so I am hoping the Mamaroo will be a less bulky, quieter option for this baby. With the “car ride” setting, I’m hoping to eliminate the random car rides we had to take when nothing else would make her fall asleep.

Covered Goods: I never had a nursing cover that worked well for me with Blaire, so I am super excited about this one. The scarf-like design makes sure it doesn’t fall off your shoulder (like the one I had always did!) and I love that it doubles as a car seat cover, high chair cover, and shopping cart cover. Plus, it’s cute. It was important to me to use Covered Goods because they are actually the originator of this design. So you might see lots of other options out there… but Covered Goods did it first! 

Dish Soap & Laundry Detergent: These are great to stock up on now that you’ll have double the tiny things to wash!

One of the best parts about Gugu Guru is that you can add any items you find online to your registry, including amazon items. There were a few other well-loved items we need to stock up on: burp cloths, bibs, etc. So it was super easy to add those to our registry. 

Like I said before, the one last thing we need for our registry is a double stroller. I cannot decide on one! So if there’s one you love, PLEASE let me know in the Comments below. And let me know what else was a must-have for baby number two! We have 7 weeks (or so!) left to get things together. xo

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    Tabitha Shakespeare
    February 8, 2017 at 9:41 pm

    YES to all of these! You are right on track mama! Congrats on baby #2!

    Much love!


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    February 8, 2017 at 11:45 pm

    I registered for both the Binxy baby and the solly wrap! I haven’t had a chance to use the Binxy yet because she is still teeny (month old) but I am loving the solly so much better than a bjorn.
    Congrats on #2!
    xo, Nicole

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    Erika Ortega
    February 9, 2017 at 9:51 am

    All great much needed picks. Especially the mamaRoo, that was a life saver at my home and I recommend it so much!

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    Jessica Lynnj
    February 9, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    Great list! We have #3 coming soon, and this reminds me that I still need to make an actual registry list (#thirdbabyproblems). I’ve been intrigued by the Ollie—it’s popped up a lot in the last several months; and I need to check out the dockatot!

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    February 10, 2017 at 7:41 pm

    Good list! There are so many new things out there :)

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    Rachel Montano
    February 10, 2017 at 11:39 pm

    That is so neat! I love what you have on your registry. I have heard such good things about the swaddle!

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