July 23, 2019

pregnancy update: 28 weeks

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How far along: 28 weeks aka THE THIRD TRIMESTER

Total weight gain: 7lbs

Movement: All the time! If I am sitting or laying still, this baby is on the move. I usually lay in bed for an hour or so feeling her kick and move around… then she calms down and I can fall asleep. I definitely believe she’s about 2lbs and 16” long by the strength of her kicks and movements!

Mood: It is just now hitting me that this is our last baby… so when I’m feeling uncomfortable it really brings everything into perspective to me. It’s definitely a bit of a sad feeling, so I’m trying to soak it all in.

Food cravings: Smoothies, snow cones and root beer floats. Can you tell it’s a million degrees outside?

Gender: Girl… some day we will get another ultrasound to confirm! Haha

Sleep: Actually not THAT bad, especially because I thought my sleep was so terrible when I was pregnant with Blaire and Ben. Now I’m so exhausted by the time I close my eyes that I could probably fall asleep on the floor with no pillow. I just have to get up to pee a few times a night.

Highlight of the Week: Passing my glucose test! YAY!

Miss Anything: Not being out of breath just putting away laundry.

Symptoms: Some indigestion at bedtime some nights along with RESTLESS LEGS. They typically strike when I’m on the couch, finally relaxing after the kids are in bed, or else it’s right as I’m about to drift off to sleep for the night. Super convenient. Rib pain and pain in the tops of my legs from my veins and I have some swelling in my fingers throughout the day. Oh, and I’m usually out of breath. I found out from the results of my glucose testing that I have pregnancy anemia. Some of the major symptoms are fatigue, weakness and shortness of breath. So hopefully those things will get better once I’ve been on my new supplements for a bit.

Looking forward to: Picking out potential names for baby girl. We had a good, short list of boy names… then, you know, we found out baby was a girl and not a boy.

29 weeks pregnant

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