June 30, 2017

Precious Time with your Bundle of Joy


For a lot of working moms, the countdown until your first day back to work starts as soon as your precious baby is born —  but not in a good way. Each week, I’d have to check off one more week I had gotten to spend at home with my baby, and one week less until I had to return to work. 

But, in looking for the positive side in sending my baby boy to daycare, it definitely made me cherish all of our time together at home for those first twelve weeks! During my maternity leave with Blaire, we were able to just hang out at home and relax most days. This time, I still sent Blaire to daycare so Ben and I could spend our days together. After that, we had a combination of spending our days at home relaxing and just hanging out. And the other times we would try to get out to the zoo, the park or the pool so Blaire would have lots of fun things to look back on from her time at home with mama and Ben.

Huggies Little Movers

There is nothing like the emotions of the first day you drop your baby off at daycare. With Blaire, I had to make Jason do it because I knew I would be physically unable to do it myself. With Ben, I bit the bullet and took them both, since sending them with Jason means an extra 1.5/day at daycare, since he works longer hours than I do. We took Blaire up to her classroom first, and then I hauled Ben (and all of his stuff) into his room at daycare.

You guys, make it easier on yourself and take all of their things to daycare ahead of time! I wanted to make sure I took all of his supplies in bulk, especially while we’re transitioning, since our new routine is intense and I’m super forgetful. Extra clothes, binkies, bottles, formula, diaper rash cream, diapers and wipes we all on the list of things we needed to bring on his first day. The Huggies One Month Supply of diapers from Sam’s Club is a life saver!

Ordering Online
Huggies One and Done Cars Wipes
Ben, 3 Months

To make things easier on yourself, you can do the Club Pickup option, some stores even have a drive thru and will bring them out to you! #momwin You can easily place your order online and they’ll have your items ready for you to pick up. Or, if you need to shop around in the store, you can easy check out yourself with the Sam’s Club Scan & Go app! Going back to work and leaving Ben at daycare hasn’t been easy, but it definitely makes me cherish the time I do have with both of my children at the end of the work day and on the weekend. After seeing how quickly the last three years with Blaire have flown by, I am soaking in every precious minute I have with them. From playing at the park with Blaire, to nursing Ben and letting him sleep on my chest, I’m definitely soaking it all in. 

How do you slow down and cherish your time with your babies?


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