July 7, 2015

July 4th Weekend


I can’t believe the 4th of July has already come and gone. 2015 is more than halfway over! How is that possible? We had a fun, long weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, then you got to see an early preview! Friday we went shopping and took Blaire to a family museum for a playdate. We made homemade bombpops with fruit and yogurt (so yummy!) and went to dinner. Dinner was fun until Blaire fell and hit her mouth on the table. I was certain she had knocked out her two front teeth. BUT all teeth are intact. And she has been extra dramatic every time she almost bumps her head… milking it as much as possible, I tell ya!


IMG_0636.JPGSaturday we went to the local parade and then went to cheer on our buddy Kaden at his all star game. We came home for nap time before heading to a local street fair. We had fried pickles AND the most delicious frozen lemonade. We even went back to the stand to get a refill to take with us to our next destination. We ended our night at a friend’s party where we ate dinner and watched fireworks on the golf course. It was so fun to see people we hadn’t seen since the same party last year, who all remembered Blaire to be just a tiny baby. Blaire said “woah” to the close, loud fireworks. And fell asleep halfway through the real firework show. Poor girl got a few mosquito bites on her forehead. They were terrible! Even with bug spray.


Sunday we took our first trip to the pool at our country club and Blaire had a blast! She loved playing in the kiddie pool, but also loved floating around in the big pool in her Minnie Mouse floatie. I’d say she’s well prepared for our upcoming trip to California!

IMG_5583IMG_0634.JPGI (kind of) followed this recipe to make my fruit/yogurt popsicles. Clearly I didn’t have the patience to make the various layers. And I used regular yogurt instead of greek. Well… I think I found the secret to a relaxing weekend… make it three days long! ;) How’d you spend your long weekend? xo

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