April 4, 2018

favorite toddler board games


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Over the past few months, Blaire has started to LOVE playing games! I polled friends to see what their almost 4-year-old’s favorite games were and we added those to her Christmas list. And so far, so good! We have been playing a game before bed almost every night and it’s become her favorite part of our bedtime routine.

There are SO many games out there, so I rounded up the games Blaire loves most. These are all games she understands and will play 15 times a day, if we let her. 

Favorite Toddler Board Games

Candyland | Memory | Lucky Ducks | Hi Ho Cherry-O | Zingo | Yetti in My Spaghetti

Candyland: Blaire is always red, Jason is always blue, and I am always green… Hopefully Ben is fine being yellow when he’s old enough? 

Memory: We have two different memory games, but this is our favorite. The number of matches is just right. In the other game we have, there are just SO many matches it can take awhile and Blaire loses interest quickly. In this game we can usually get through it in 10 mins or less.

Lucky Ducks: This was actually Blaire’s first game! It was super simple for her to learn how to play. And it goes pretty quickly so it’s great for a young toddler’s short attention span.

Hi Ho Cherry-O: Blaire actually played this for the first time at Jason’s parent’s house on Thanksgiving. They still have the version Jason and his brother played as kids. Warning, this version is the least expensive, but it only has 3 players. So if you want to have 4 players, you’ll need this version. I like that it focuses on counting, which isn’t as prevalent in some of the other games.

Zingo: This one is still on Blaire’s “want” list. She has played it at friend’s a few times and loves it! 

Yetti in My Spaghetti: This one is fun and silly. It’s easy to play and a game only takes a few minutes. 

There you have it, our toddler’s favorite games. Playing games as a family is so much fun, and is a great way for us to spend time with Blaire when Ben is napping or already asleep for the night. We love to cheer each other on!

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