December 31, 2018

easy, healthy snacks for toddlers on the go


Blaire and Mott's Apple SauceI thought it took me forever to get out of the house before becoming a mom. Boy, was I in for a surprise. When you have young kids, packing up to leave the house can be overwhelming. You have an overflowing bag, yet feel like you’re forgetting something. When we’re running out the door, I don’t have time to wash a sippy cup or pack up a bowl of snacks. I want to grab something that’s quick and easy for me, while being healthy for my kids. 

And that’s where Mott’s® saves the day! Our favorites are their Applesauce pouches, Mott’s 100% Juice pouches and Mott’s for Tots Juice Boxes. All three are easy for me to grab from the fridge and toss into the diaper bag. Not only do they taste great, they’re also a healthy snack to get us back on track after a holiday season of treats and junk food. 

“Cheers” to snacks that combine the best of both worlds!

Cheers with Mott's Apple Sauce
Ben Eating Mott's Apple Sauce

Blaire and Mott's Apple Juice Ben and Mott's Apple Juice Ben and Mott's Apple JuiceMott's Apple Sauce and Juice PouchesI love that I can count on Mott’s to provide a healthy snacking solution for my kids at every stage of their development. And, even better, I love that I can find them at Target! You know I’m there four times a week. My store offers Drive Up pickup service, so I can even order Mott’s products and have them brought out to my car. That means no unbuckling kids to run in for more of their favorite juice.

Lucky for me (and you!) we can save 10% off Mott’s products at Target with Cartwheel in the Target App.

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