January 27, 2015

Ditching the Bottle


Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Ours went by too quickly, like always! We had lots of fun celebrating Jason’s birthday with friends on Saturday night and family on Sunday. On Saturday night we went to see American Sniper and it was so good! I actually kept it together better than I thought I would! I thought I’d bawl through the entire movie, and I made it until the very end. To top off the weekend, I started a new job today, so it’s just been lots of craziness over here. (But, more on the job another time.) Here I want to share Blaire’s current feeding schedule, now that she’s 11 months old.

IMG_07645Anyways, one of the most exciting things over here is that it’s been over a week since Blaire used a bottle! I know the goal is typically to be done with it at one year, so why not ditch it a little early? We finally found a sippy cup that Blaire loves, so that has made it WAY easier than I ever imagined. (It’s this one.) We love that it has handles on it (that can come off when she’s over them!) and that it has measuring guides on it, since she’s still eating formula. Most of the others we looked at were too small, since she eats anywhere from 6-8 oz. in a feeding, but this one is perfect. I also found these amazing bibs at Babies R Us last week. They’re only $6.99 for two of them and they catch everything.

Now that Blaire has five teeth, it’s easier to just give her whatever we’re eating. She still eats a fair amount of pureed baby food. Our daycare provider actually said she prefers that we keep offering the pureed food once she’s transitioned from formula to milk, just as an easier way to make sure she’s actually getting enough food, since we know how much ends up on the floor when a baby is feeding herself/himself.

Messy baby faces are my favorite.

Right now, Blaire’s eating schedule goes like this…
She starts her day with about 6 oz. of formula around 8AM. Around 9:30AM she has some baby yogurt and on the weekends we also give her one of these whole-grain blueberry waffle. Around noon is her naptime, so she’ll have 6 oz. of formula before she falls asleep. Around 2PM she is up and ready for some lunch. She usually has a container of pureed baby food along with some puffs or toast. Around 4:30PM she usually has another 6oz of formula. We eat dinner around 6PM. Some nights she will eat whatever we’re having, and other nights she will have some baby food from a jar. Usually we don’t do a puree for dinner, we like the Beach Nut or Gerber foods that include some sort of meat and pasta. The Beach Nut chicken, vegetables and stars is fun, but it’s a little bland, so sometimes I’ll add in a little marinara sauce to give it more flavor. Her bedtime is about 8PM, so she’ll have about 8oz of formula at bed time. And that’s that!

IMG_0516 IMG_0517That’s our 11 month old’s feeding schedule! How did you transition your little one to “real” food? What foods worked well for little hands when just learning to feed themselves? I’d love to know! We’re always looking for new things to try. Happy Monday! xo

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