March 5, 2015

Blaire: 12 Months


This little girl is finally one year old! She is just as funny and charming as ever. She is one of the fastest walkers around and lights up every room. She has six teeth (three on top and three on bottom) and is still sleeping through the night (most nights!). She has said quite a few words, but the only words she really says on a daily basis are da da and mom. Her most recent is “yeah” and she loves repeating it after mom and dad. It’s so funny! She just loves our animals and has a lot of fun chasing them around and trying to play with them/give them hugs. I hear she does the same to her friends at daycare.

12 Months

Headband – Gymboree // Dress – Target // Necklace – Target

One of her favorite toys for the past month has been a baby doll that she plays with at daycare. She carries it around all day and calls it da da da da da. She got her own similar doll for her birthday and this little doll goes everywhere with her. She even tried to feed it with her little lipstick tube. It is SO adorable. I can’t handle it. She is still very in to carrying around her purse (and anything that had handles like a purse.)



Outfit & Headband – Gymboree

Photo Feb 23, 8 02 01 AM

PJs – Carter’s

She understands all kinds of phrases, like “Come here.” and “Go show daddy!” It seems like she learns something new every day. Watching her learn and grow is truly more rewarding than I ever thought possible. She is the love of our lives and I’m just not sure what we ever did without her! We love you so much Blaire and we hope this year was an amazing start to a lifetime of love and happiness for you.

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    March 5, 2015 at 4:41 am

    She is the cutest! And we love those Target necklaces! We own so many already and are waiting for the next season’s colors ;)

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