April 30, 2020

Ben is THREE


Ben is 3

Nickname(s): Benny, Benny Boo

Height/Weight: 36.25″ or 3′ (22%) / 31.4lbs (43%)

Wearing: 2T and moving into 3T

Saying: Everything! He can repeat anything you ask him to. He talks about Toy Story nonstop. He is usually pretty easy to understand, for anyone who lives with him, anyways.

Favorite Things: He loves T.O.T.S. and still love Toys Story everything.

Biggest Milestone: He ditched his binky back in September before Sloane was born. He has basically potty trained himself since he turned three in March.

Favorite Foods: Apples, bread, cereal, pancakes, and strawberries. Just don’t try to cut anything up for him.

My Favorite Part of This Stage: He is determined in everything he does. He’s confident. He’s smart. He knows what he wants. He loves his family SO much and isn’t afraid to show it. He is always trying to kiss and hug us. He loves to cuddle and looks up to his older sister. Preschool is officially canceled for the remainder of the year and he really misses his friends and teachers. He loves seeing pictures of them in their class’s chat app.

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