November 2, 2017

Ben: 5 & 6 months


Ben 5 & 6 months old

My baby boy is already 7 months old, so I’m late on his 5 & 6 month update. He is growing so quickly and already wanting to keep up with his big sis. He definitely has more hair than she did at his age… even more than she had at a year, probably. He is the happiest baby. He isn’t sleeping as well as he did when he a newborn and prefers to sleep on his mama. 

5 months

Weight/Height: 15lbs / 25.5″
Wearing: 6 months
Favorite Things: Sleeping, cuddling, watching his sister and being outside
Biggest Milestone: His neck is so strong – he finally loves tummy time and hates to lay on his back anymore
Biggest Challenge: He had to start seeing a PT to help with his stiff neck muscles that were causing him to get a flat spot. He loves the attention when she’s showing us how to stretch him and strengthen the muscles on the stiff side of his neck. 
My Favorite Part of This Stage: His contagious happiness and the sweet baby cuddles.
Looking Forward To: I am just soaking it all in. With Blaire I was always looking forward to the next stage and now I have realized that I just want it all to slow down. Ben, 5 months Ben @ 5 MonthsBen and Blaire in August

6 months

Weight/Height: 17.7lbs (44%) / 26.75″ (56%)
Wearing: 6 months, he is almost getting tall enough for some 9 month pieces
Favorite Things: His sister, eating, bath time and being outside
Biggest Milestone: Rolling over back to front consistently.
Biggest Challenge: SLEEP – he isn’t napping consistently at daycare, he doesn’t sleep all night anymore
My Favorite Part of This Stage: Watching him interact more with Blaire. He can sit up fairly well, so he looks like he is just happy as can be when he’s sitting up, playing with his sis
Looking Forward To: Making this baby boy some solid food

Ben at 6 months Ben at 6 monthsBen at 6 months

Benjamin is so outgoing and happy, just like his dad. We are so lucky to have such a sweet baby boy. I’ll take 3 more, please. ;)

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