June 29, 2017

Ben: 1 & 2 Months


Goodness, I am behind! I cannot believe my little baby is already 3 months old. So let’s play catch up on what’s been happing in the life of Ben. He is so happy and outgoing! I don’t know if he just seems simple compared to our sassy three-year-old or if he really is an easier baby than Blaire was. He has loved his car seat from day 1 and almost always falls asleep in the car. He loves to watch his big sister and has really settled in here perfectly.

Ben at 1 Month and 2 Months
 Month 1

Weight/Height: 10lbs / 20″
Wearing: Newborn
Favorite Things: Sleeping in his car seat in the car or in his rock ‘n play.
Biggest Milestone: Sleeping most of the night! Some times he ways up every 2-3 hours, but always falls right back to sleep after nursing. 
Biggest Challenge: Nursing. Getting into a routine for Blaire. She has still been going to day care full time and now we are going to be keeping her home except for one or two days each week. 
My Favorite Part of This Stage: The constant, sleeping baby snuggles. I love that I can hold him all day and he is more than happy to just sleep on his mama. It’s also SO easy to run errands. He falls asleep in his car seat and sleeps until we get home and take him out.
Looking Forward To: Longer stretches of sleep and newborn baby smiles.

Benjamin RobertBen at 1 WeekBenjamin Robert NewbornBen at 3 Weeks

Month 2

Weight/Height: 12.5 lbs (63%) / 23″ (50%)
Wearing: Mostly newborn, but working his way into 0-3 months/3 months.
Favorite Things: His hands, outside and the car.
Biggest Milestone: Ben really, truly smiled at me for the first time on May 3. It was bedtime for Blaire, so Jason was putting her to bed and Ben and I were sitting on the couch. After he smiled at me a few times, I had to shift him to reach for my phone. I was SO scared he wasn’t going to smile at me any more. But he did, and I really had tears in my eyes.
Biggest Challenge: Honestly, it’s bedtime for Blaire. Since Ben isn’t going to bed she doesn’t want to. She wants to hang out with us alllll night long, making bedtime last for hours most night.
My Favorite Part of This Stage: The baby smiles! 
Looking Forward To: Getting to see his little personality shine through more and more.Ben in CribBenjamin and Wubba NubBen's First SmileBen 7 Weeks Old

We love you so much Benjamin Robert! You really are the perfect addition to our family. xo

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