• This angel baby is the calm in the chaos over here. The other two are bouncing off the walls and she’s just so happy and sweet.
  • How is everyone doing? today was so rough. *this picture is not from today* Blaire and Ben wake up before Jason even leaves for work. They wake me and Sloane both up. It feels like I spend my whole day breaking up fights. And part of me feels like I can’t complain because I left my job to work from home (for myself) and be with my kids. But, I have to remind myself this is new for me. I haven’t been at home with three kids before. The schedules of a 6 year old, 3 year old and 5 month old are very different. From being in school for the past six-ish months, Blaire wants to constantly be learning. She wants me to be reading to her, doing crafts with her, etc. and that’s hard with a 5 month old attached to me and a 3 year old who can’t sit still. Anyone else who feels lost during this time, just know you’re not alone. But we can do it! I’m so hopeful nice weather is coming and that will make the days so much more bearable! Fingers crossed anyways. 🤞🏻 #happilytrista
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  • step 1: get your baby sleeping.
step 2: get yourself to stop staying up on your phone until midnight. [ad] It’s been over a month of using the @littleonesbabysleep program with little Sloaney girl here. She’s self-settling at bedtime and overnight, sleeping in her crib without being swaddled, and it’s glorious. I’m sharing all about our experience on the blog… and there just might be a discount code, too. #littleones #littleonessleep #littleonesbabysleep #happilytrista
  • our neighborhood has been posting different activities in our Facebook group. today was “chalk your walk”. So we drew all kinds of stuff on our driveway and sidewalk. I hope they bring a smile to someone when they’re out for a [cold] walk! #happilytrista
  • my baby boy is THREE! 3 years of Benjamin Robert. the perfect mix of sweet and sour. always kissing us, then jumping off the furniture and pulling Blaire’s hair 3 seconds later. •
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  • going through these photos from our session with @rachelclemphotography a few weeks ago and they are giving me all the feels. 🥰❤️ #happilytrista

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  • thankful for baby wearing and breaks in the rain. 🌧 #happilytrista •

#babywearing #babywear #wearallthebabies #mywildbird #babywearingmama #attachmentparenting #momentslikethese #momentsiwanttoremember #rainbowbaby #breastfeedingmom #breastfeeding #magicofchildhood #momentsiwanttoremember
  • accurate depiction of life right now. 🤪 #happilytrista #socialdistancing
  • this photo was our workout for the day. 💪🏻 j/k. we got dressed in our green and went shamrock hunting around the neighborhood. we found lots in people’s windows, they had so much fun. it was less than 40° but sunny! ☀️ are you self distancing? how’s it going? #happilytrista #selfdistancing
  • we have to stay inside for how long? 😳how are you passing the time? and how’s the weather where you live? it’s a cool 30° here this morning. ❄️ #happilytrista #mywildbird #wearallthebabies
  • Don’t they look like they’re up to something? It’s 3-on-1, 10 hours per day for the next 5 days. 😅🤪 #happilytrista
February 3, 2016

complete baby registry checklist

The links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.


There are few things as intimidating as registering for your first baby. Or your second baby for that matter… so much can change in a few, short years!

I have divided it up into a few categories below to try to make it as simple as possible. For being so tiny, babies sure can be complicated!

Before you start reading, be sure to actually go and create your baby registry! My two favorite places are Target and Amazon. Both will give you a completion coupon for 10% off of the items you end up purchasing yourself to finish up your registry. (Amazon gives 15% off to Prime members!)

Now sit back and get ready to add lots of things to those baby registry.


bottles: these Como Tomo bottles are our FAVORITE! Ben had a great latch from the beginning and he was able to start using these bottles at 5 days old without have any issues going back and forth from nursing to using a bottle. Plus they are wide which makes them easy to clean.

burp cloths: We started with 8 burp cloths… and we ended up needing more. So stock up!

bottle warmer: Whether you’re pumping or formula feeding, you’ll need a bottle warmer. I loved this one with Ben. It was very predictable as far as the temperature of the milk every time.

drying rack / bottle brush / stem: The grass version is smaller, so go big and get the lawn! And get the twig and stem, too. They’re good for holding nipples, binkys, etc.

bottle soap: You will want to use a soap specifically formulated for bottles/children. They contain less ingredients and are safer for baby.

bibs: We usually did not worry about either of our babies wearing a bib on a day-to-day basis. Before they started eating solids, we just used cloth bibs occasionally if they were wearing an outfit we really wanted to keep from getting spit up on it. Once they started solids we used bibs with a pocket at the bottom to catch food. Bonus points if it is a bib that is easy to wipe down.


breast pump: If you are returning to work outside the home then you will definitely need a pump. I had trouble getting Blaire to latch, so I actually started using a pump our first day home from the hospital. If you have your choice, the Spectra S1 was amazing for me. I had a Medela Pump in Style first (since that is what I was able to buy locally with my health insurance). The Spectra S1 has a rechargeable battery so you are not stuck near an outlet while pumping.

breast milk storage bags: If you are going to pump milk to feed right away, then you can keep them in bottles. If you are going to pump milk to store for more than a few days, you will need to freeze it. To freeze it, you will need storage bags. You can pump directly into the bags with an adapter for your pump, or you can pump into a bottle and then transfer it to the bags after.

nipple cream: Nipple cream will help soothe your nipples, especially during the first few weeks of breastfeeding.

cooling nipple gel pads: These are made to soothe your nipples. They help relieve the pain that can come from your pump, an improper latch or just while your body is getting used to this new stage of your life.

breast therapy pads: These were a must have for me as my body was getting used to nursing. You can heat them in the microwave and the heat can help release any milk that can be stuck in your ducts.

nursing pads: You will need bra pads to help soak up any milk that may leak. You may also need them in the last few weeks of your pregnancy since some ladies start to produce colostrum even before baby is born.

breast pump cleaning wipes: I kept these in my pump bag for work. They made it easy to clean my parts since I was never able to pump in a room with a sink in it to clean my parts with soap/water.

nursing bra: Be sure to stock up on a few nursing bras. These nursing bras are perfect to sleep in and this one is great for everyday wear.

pumping bandeau: This bandeau will let you pump hands-free. Definitely a must-have! You cannot eat, drink or scroll through your phone if you are not pumping hands-free.

pump parts: Depending on which pump you end up with, be sure to purchase at least one set of back up parts. You do not want to be stuck without in the middle of the night or at work. Most pumps need valves, membranes, tubes and breast shields.

nursery / home

changing table: With Blaire we placed the changing table pad on top of her dresser. You can buy a little square to set in top of the dresser to fit around the changing pad. With Ben we bought an actual changing table with some storage under neath. 

changing pad & covers: Babies are so messy and I cannot even count how many times I had to change the changing pad cover some days. So make sure you have a few changing pad covers. We had three and that was enough, even though some times we just went without a cover if it had been a rough few days. 

sound machine: The Hatch Sound Machine is more than just a sound machine. You can control it through an app on your phone. As your child gets older, you can do things like set a time for it to wake them.

video monitor: First, we tried a plain old-fashioned baby monitor and it was not good enough for me. I needed to be able to see my baby. I like this model because you can add more videos to the same monitor as your family grows. 

binky: Both of my kids have been binky lovers! We loved wubba nubs (binkys with animals attached) because we did not lose them as easily. If she spit it out in her car seat, the animal would sit on her chest and she would usually be able to get it back into her mouth on her own. Also, they are just really cute.

diaper pail: We have loved our diaper pail. Be sure to get refills, too.  

Dockatot: We did not have the Dockatot with Blaire, but it was a lifesaver with Ben. He slept SO well in it and slept through the night much sooner than Blaire ever did. We used it in our bed for cosleeping and used the larger one in his crib for sleeping (after he was 12 months old). You can save $10 off your Dockatot by purchasing through this link

bassinet: You will want something portable to keep in your room so baby can sleep close to you in those early weeks/months. 

glider & ottoman: The glider in the nursery has been the perfect place to nurse, cuddle and rock babies back to sleep when they wake up in the middle of the night. It is also the perfect place to read books before bed time. 

sofie the giraffe: Both of my babies loved her as their first favorite teether. 

crib/crib mattress/crib sheets

health / on the go

baby tula free to grow carrier: If you are looking for a baby carrier, this is your go-to. It has more structure than a wrap, and can be easier to put on. I liked using something structured with both kids once they were a little bigger. You can wear baby on your front or back with this. 

solly baby wrap: This baby wrap is the best! It fits baby up to 25 lbs.

nursing cover: This nursing cover is so cool! It is a 4-in-1 nursing/car seat/shopping cart/high chair cover. The best part? This brand is the originator and of the 4-in-1 design and they have so many cute prints to choose from. 

baby bath: We loved this baby bath with Ben. It fit in our kitchen sink or the bathtub. When we was a newborn. We could place a warm towel in it to keep him toasty as we gave him the traditional newborn washcloth bath. 

back seat mirror and window shades: I did not even think to register for a backseat mirror, but realized as soon as I went somewhere alone with Blaire how badly I needed one. Go 10 minutes without seeing what your baby is up to back there? Nope.

digital smart thermometer: This thermometer is so cool! It links to an app on your phone to help track your child’s temps. It might seem like overkill, but when you have a sick kid and your doctor’s office is asking what their temps have been like, you will be so happy to be able to see it all documented on your phone for you. 

nose frida: Again, until you have a sick kid you might think this is weird or gross. But once you realize how effective it is to help your congested baby, you’ll be SO glad you have it. 

misc: diaper rash cream, grooming kit


side snap shirts/onesies: These little shirts are the best for those early days with your newborn. Since they snap on the side, you don’t have to worry about putting a onesie over that tiny little head. I didn’t even know they existed until Blaire was born and this was what they used in the hospital. 

onesies: For the first few months, you’ll be dressing your baby in an extra layer to help them stay warm, so you’ll want to stock up. 

mittens / hats & socks |You’ll want at least a few pairs of tiny mittens and socks because they go missing so easily! Although, it’s amazing when you find PJs with built in mittens, since those won’t fall off. And you’ll want at least a few hats to keep your precious tiny babe warm for the first month or so. We lose so much heat from our heads, and babies aren’t able to regulate their own body temps, which means keeping their heads covered is important.

zip up pjs: Trust me, you NEED zip up PJs. None of those snapping jammies. The Cloud Island line from Target are AMAZING. They have an inverted zipper so they zip from the bottom up, which means you don’t need to unzip the entire thing to change a diaper. They also have build in mittens to keep baby from scratching his/herself. 

baby gear

baby swing: This swing was a saving grace with Blaire. For months, and months, and months, and months. For Ben we used a rock ‘n play and the mamaroo instead. 

rock ‘n play: There are two different types of Rock ‘n Plays.One plugs in and is considered “auto” and the other you have to manually rock. This Rock ‘n Play is an automatic… because sometimes mama’s arms just need a break. This was Ben’s favorite thing from our first full day home from the hospital. For us the rock ‘n play was what we could easily move around the house. 
(Added 4/13/19: As of April 12, 2019 all Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleepers have been recalled. The recall states, “Since the 2009 product introduction, over 30 infant fatalities have occurred in Rock ‘n Play Sleepers, after the infants rolled over while unrestrained, or under other circumstances.” You can read the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper recall report here.)

mamaroo: We used a swing with Blaire and then the Rock ‘n Play and the MamaRoo with Ben. I wouldn’t say you need all three. Ben liked the mamaroo once he was about 2 months old then he loved it and it could get him right to sleep even when nothing else soothed him. 

Pack ‘n Play: This pack ‘n play is SO easy to set up and put away. It has an infant insert. Although it is not flat, so it’s not for baby to sleep in, but Ben did like to hang out in it when I was cleaning or getting ready. It’s higher off the ground than the mamaroo or the rock ‘n play so he could even watch out the windows. 

travel system: We opted to start with an infant carseat and then moved to a convertible carseat once Blaire was close to 20lbs. Having a carseat we could easily move in and out of the car, and being able to buckle Blaire into the seat while we were still inside was nice. If you have more than one car, you’ll want to have an extra base

diapers / wipes

And last, but not least, do not forget the diapers! We LOVE Pampers Swaddlers and used them on our children from the beginning. We have tried others, but always go back to Pampers because their quality really is the best.

There you have it! My mama favorites for your very own baby registry. I’d love to know which pieces you’re most excited about. For me, I loved putting together her nursery. AND for some reason I was really pumped about the lawn drying rack. …the things that make mamas happy. 

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Baby Registry: Complete Checklist
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    Carol davis
    February 4, 2016 at 10:57 am

    This should very helpful to new mothers to set up their baby registeries . Plus , very helpful for baby gift buying too ! Love this!

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    What a neat post and simply curated post!

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    Yes to all of this! I fell like the diaper genie especially was (and still is) such a necessity for us!

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    January 30, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    What a great list! I remember it was overwhelming navigating baby registries with my first. It’s always great to have resources like this for new mamas.

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    Ash @ Spit Up and Sit Ups
    January 30, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    Great post! We could not live without our Rock N Play!

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    Such a great comprehensive list! I need to stock up on some of this before baby three!

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    January 30, 2017 at 9:34 pm

    All of these are absolute musts! It’s totally true! :)

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    Great list. You thought of everything! Love that you put nursing bras and pump parts be a useful those are so often forgot amd they’re so important!

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    Love that you put nursing bras and pump parts be a useful those are so often forgot amd they’re so important!

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  • How many kids do you have? Which transition was the hardest? It may not be the traditional answer, but for me, becoming a mama to one was the hardest. I had NO CLUE what I was in for.
The mom guilt.
How long it would take to leave the house.
The sleepless nights.
Losing myself in motherhood — feeling like I had to be with Blaire 24/7.
Adding Ben and now Sloane to our crew has been so much easier for me. It’s like they just fall in line with the crazy. 🤪 And I think being so much more confident in myself as a mom doesn’t hurt either. 💁🏼‍♀️ #motherhoodishard
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  • ice cream outside with two of my favorite people. when it’s only 70° outside you can actually eat your ice cream without it melting all over us... and by us I mean them. 👆🏻👆🏻 #blaireandben
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  • Prepping for our third baby has been pretty easy so far. I guess when you have an older sister and brother, plus a mama who likes to hold on to everything from her babies, there isn’t a ton of shopping to do. The kids are having fun picking out little gifts to give baby sister in the hospital (something Blaire still talks about from when Ben was born), little toys here and there, PJs, and this @babyeinstein 4-in-1 Kickin Tunes Music & Language Discovery Gym at @target. I wasn’t joking when I said they wanted to test it out! #babyeinstein #ignitecuriosity #socialspotters #blaireandben #happilytrista
  • #ad I can’t believe this girl is heading off to kindergarten! With afternoon pre-k last year, we were lucky to not have to worry about the morning rush. So this year, our go-to is a waffle and a chocolate milk for the ride to school. Horizon® Shelf Stable Chocolate Milk is our favorite since we can easily grab it and go! Spoiler alert: she takes one in her lunch, too. Blaire is so excited, but little brother and I are sad to see her spend so much time away from us. But I am excited to be able to walk her to school and avoid the CRAZY drop-off and pick-up lines while the weather’s still nice, anyways. 
You can find @HorizonOrganic Chocolate Milk at @KrogerCo and you can even save $1 with this digital coupon (7/24/19 – 8/6/19). And you can stock up because Horizon Organic milk boxes are shelf-stable, meaning you can safely store them in the pantry. Shop now through the link in my bio. #blaireandben
  • Well we don’t have a Nordstrom near us, but we do have an Aldi. Most of their summer items are on clearance and we scored this sweet pool for $7. Winner, winner. 🦄☀️ #blaireandben
#summer #momentsiwanttoremember #aldifinds #motherhood
  • This summer hasn’t really felt like summer yet. 🤨 So when we have an 85° day we make the most out of it with a trip to the pool! How’d you spend your Sunday Funday? #blaireandben
  • another day, another doctors appointment for someone in our crew. today it’s Ben. he was up overnight saying his ear hurt — a double ear infection for him. luckily the kid loves taking medicine and hasn’t let his ears get him down! as long as he’s up moving around they’re fine, but the second he lays down... 😭😭😭. hoping our poor buddy is feeling better tomorrow. do you feel like you need a frequent flier card for your pediatrician? just me? okay. #blaireandben #itsfinewerefine
#uniteinmotherhood #motherhoodintheraw #momentsiwanttoremember #mybabies
  • When your brother is getting big but you still want to hold him... you gotta pinch his butt because he’s so wiggly. 😂😬😍 #blaireandben •
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  • It is definitely bittersweet to leave the house where we brought both of these babies home. But we are excited for our next chapter as a family of five! #rainbowbaby #blaireandben
#pregnancyannouncement #rainbowbabyannouncement #firsttrimester
  • Last night was our first night in the new house. 👏🏻 We still have lots of stuff to bring from the old house and then lots of cleaning over there before the final walk through and closing next Monday. Then we can focus on getting this house unpacked and organized. But first, I would like a nap. 😴 #blaireandben #happilytristahome
  • The snow that never ends. 🙄🥶 Walked out into the snow this afternoon and one kid loved it, the other not so much. “Wowwww! It’s like a wizard out here.” —Blaire 😂
“Yuck!” —Ben #blaireandben
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