August 14, 2019

an honest review of raddish: a cooking box for kids


kids cooking in the kitchen

Some of my favorite memories as a kid are in the kitchen with my mom. Half the time the things I was “cooking” were not edible. But she’d let me measure and mix and create to my heart’s content. Then there were times she cooked and I was able to help her by adding in some of the ingredients and I felt so grown up. When we received the opportunity to try out Raddish, I explained to Blaire what it was: a monthly cooking box for kids. Each month she’d receive a box full of recipe cards, activity cards, collectible kitchen tools, conversation starts for the dinner table and of course her own apron. Each box is themed and even comes with a patch for your child’s apron. (Blaire was very excited about the patch!)

Since I started working from home with the kids, I get so much one-on-one time with them while Jason is at work. He is the better cook of the two of us PLUS he actually loves to cook.

Blaire got her first Raddish box in the mail and was so excited to open it and see what recipes she would be making. She said she couldn’t wait for us to be her “taste testers”. I went through the recipe cards and ordered our groceries for pick up so everything was ready for my chefs when Jason got home from work.

Ben was really only in it to eat a roll that was supposed to be for the sandwiches… and to play the drums with the measuring spoons. But he’s cute so we let him.

Blaire and Dad Cooking Together
Blaire and Dad Cooking Together
Ben eating bread
Ben and Blaire cooking together

The recipes were easy to follow and I like that they specify what different skills you can focus on with your children. The main dish, chimichurri steak sandwiches, focused on knife skills, so Blaire was really excited to learn how to cut up and prepare the various herbs for the chimichurri sauce.

Blaire with Garlic
Jason and Blaire smashing garlic
Blaire and Jason Cooking Together
Blaire Cooking
Blaire Cooking
Blaire Measuring
Blaire and Jason Cooking
Blaire Measuring Salt

I’m a picky eater and I always find myself making the same things. My husband and kids are adventurous eaters, so I appreciate anything that pushes me outside of the comfort zone of just ordering the same few things for groceries/meals each week. I can’t wait to share what recipes we make from our next box in September!

raddish cooking box for kids

Raddish was nice enough to give me a discount code to share with my readers! You can use the code HAPPILY for $15 off of a 6-month membership. As someone who thinks kids only need so many toys, I think subscription boxes like Raddish make the perfect gift!

September Box

For our second box, our September box, the theme was Game Day Gourmet. Both kids were most excited about the Ballpark Pretzels because we all LOVE pretzels in this house. Blaire loved kneading the dough and Jason’s years of experience making pizza dough really shined through because he was WAY better at rolling out the dough and shaping the pretzels than I was. Haha!

We loved this box, too, so I’m glad we still have a few more months left in our subscription. It’s definitely fun for the kids to get some happy mail once per month.

Don’t forget to use the code HAPPILY for $15 off of a 6-month membership.

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raddish: a cooking club for kids
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