about me

Hi! My name is Trista! I’m just a wife and mama trying to figure out how to keep my family happy and healthy. I live in the midwest with my husband Jason, and our babies, Blaire and Ben.

I recently quit my full-time job to work from home part-time and mom full-time. I love shopping too much. I stay up too late working and during the day you can find me snuggling my kids, drinking too much cherry pepsi, sleeping in whenever possible, and avoiding laundry. When my kids are in bed you can find me on the couch, watching reality tv (give me all the real housewives), drinking more cherry pepsi, giving the side eye to my messy living room.

More about me?

  • I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and English from The University of Arizona. Go Wildcats! 
  • I LOVE target. Probably too much.
  • I’m addicted to buying home decor.
  • Blaire’s due date was our 1st wedding anniversary!

I started this blog, in August of 2014, as a way to share our lives with our friends and family, since most of them don’t live near us. It has slowly morphed into a way to share my life as a (not-so) new mama. Whether it’s the things we find to ease teething pain, our favorite toys, easy recipes or just how we spent our weekend — I document it all. This blog has slowly morphed into a place where I can reach other modern mamas who don’t necessarily have it all together, but who love their messy, beautiful lives just the same.

I love to look back at my blog and watch my family grow and relive all of the fun we have together! When I became a parent, I realized how precious every moment I spend with my child truly is. It’s important to me to document our adventures. THANK YOU to everyone who follows along on our crazy life through happily trista. You make writing this blog so much fun!

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