October 8, 2018

9 reasons to consider a home security system


Mom playing with two kids in living room
I LOVE our home security system. I have never, ever felt as comfortable in my home as I have now that we have our security system. There are so many reasons I wanted to feel better protected. It’s not just about stuff, it’s about protecting our children and our pets.

Having a husband who occasionally travels for work, I was lucky to get a few hours of sleep the nights he was away. I would stay up late watching TV in bed, with my heavy dresser in front of my bedroom door, both kids in our room, both of them constantly stirring because of the light from the TV. None of us slept well. Every noise sent my brain into overdrive. 

If you are on the fence about whether or not you need one, here is a round-up of 9 reasons to consider a home security system.

1| Keep your home safe from burglary.

Okay, so this is number one for most people. When thinking about home security systems, I know many people think it’s about protecting your “stuff”. It’s about protecting your stuff while you’re away from your home. Having the security system means they 1) see the sign and are deterred from attempting to break in or 2) still make the attempt and the police are alerted immediately.

2 & 3| Feel safe in your home while you’re there and while you’re away.

For me, the number ONE reason we decided to get a home security system was because I worried about keeping our family safe while we are home, mainly overnight. Knowing your home security system’s alarm will go off the second a door is opened, a window is opened/broken or a motion detector senses motion, has helped me sleep better every, single night. Knowing our home is protected even when we are not there was the secondhand thought for me.

4| Protect your family (and pets) from a potential fire.

Knowing our smoke detectors are connected to our security system gives me such peace of mind. House fires have long been a focus of my anxiety. I have jokingly blamed it on too many episodes of Unsolved Mysteries at my grandma’s house as a kid. But, all jokes aside, there were years of my life I couldn’t talk myself into the thought of ever living in a two-story house because of the fear of house fires. Knowing Per Mar would dispatch the fire department if our detector goes off has helped me sleep better at night. They even gave us “Pet Stickers” to document the type and number of pets we have in the home. In case of emergency, they would know how many to search for in our home.Per Mar Pet Sticker

5| Protection from carbon monoxide.

Knowing that carbon monoxide is colorless, tasteless and odorless is scary. Many states are passing laws that make it illegal to not have a carbon monoxide detector in your home. Having a monitor in your home means not only will you be alerted in your home when the gas is detected, but help will also be dispatched, by Per Mar, to your home.

6| Keep an extra ear on sneaky toddlers.

Turning the chimes on for our door sensors was one of the things I was looking forward to most. We have all heard the horror stories of children getting out of their homes. It seems like it’s something that will never happen to you… until it does. It’s not uncommon for children to wake before their parents. And no matter how many times you tell them to wake you up right when they’re awake or to never open the door on their own, all it takes is ONE time. Having our alarm panel make a noise every time a door opens gives me extra assurance I will be alerted anytime someone is entering or leaving our home.You can choose from a chime or the panel can actually say the name of the sensor that is opening (ex. Back Door Open). In addition to doors, when you arm your motion detectors, you’ll know if your toddler is up and around the house because your sensor will go off. In addition to your panel going off and your phone app alerting you, you will receive a call from Per Mar to see if everything is okay. 

7| You could save on your homeowner’s insurance

I actually had NO idea about this one. But thankfully when our security system was being installed, the tech mentioned “these are the forms you submit to your home owner’s insurance”. When I asked what he meant, he said many companies give you a discount when you have proof of a home security system. And he was right!

8| You no longer have to have a home phone line for a security system.

 I don’t know anyone who still has a home phone line. Even though I would assume they’re relatively cheap these days, having another monthly cost was something I was dreading. When I started reaching out to security companies for more information, I was excited to know they don’t require phone lines anymore. They typically use your in-home WiFi and then have a backup receiver that allows them to continue to receive signal even when the power is out.

9| Mobile apps and user-friendly technology makes it easy to use.

I am a bit of a control freak. Whenever we’re traveling, we have pets who need to be taken care of. I love that I can create a pin for each of our family members to use that is easy to remember for them. Since we use the mobile app, I get an alert any time the alarm is armed or disarmed. And I LOVE that. That might make me sound crazy. But it’s an easy way for me to see my brother has been there to feed the cats and let Mocha out. It was nice to know my mom was up with the kids in the morning while we were in the Dominican Republic, and it let me know when she was in bed for the night, so I knew not to bug her with any questions. She said it made her feel safe in our home and I love that!

Per Mar Home Security Sign

Mom playing with two kids in living room

Mom playing with two kids in living room

Mom playing with two kids in living room

Mom playing with two kids in living room

Mom playing with two kids in living room

Mom playing with two kids in living room

Mom playing with two kids in living roomYou deserve to feel safe in your home. And when I became a parent, my family’s health and safety became my top priorities.

Knowing our home is being monitored by the largest family owned, full-service security provider in the Midwest definitely puts my mind at ease and makes me feel like I’m doing my best to protect our little family (and our home). Per Mar Security Systems has 22 branches across Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Per Mar was founded in 1953, they are still family-owned and based in Davenport, Iowa.

You can fill out a request on their website if you’re interested in speaking with a member of their sales team about securing your home.

9 reasons you need a home security system

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