January 3, 2018

9 month must haves

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At the age of 9 months, Ben is crawling and pulling himself up onto the couch, the coffee table, etc. He likes to sit up in the shopping cart and we’re now putting him in high chairs at restaurants (before he would usually sleep through our meals in his infant carrier). We’re almost ready to move him from his infant carrier to a convertible car seat, but it’s SO cold here and he still falls asleep in the car all the time, so it’s easier just to be able to carry him in and out without having to unbuckle him. He is teething, so anything he can chew on to alleviate that pain is a favorite of ours. He is also eating more solids, which means we like to keep snacks in the diaper bag with us. We are also offering him water out of a sippy cup. 

9 Month Old Baby Must Haves

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1| Shopping Cart Cover c/o Bebe Au Leit: I love that using a shopping cart cover makes it easier for your little one to fit in a shopping cart or a high chair. Even when Ben seemed too small to use the buckles in the shopping cart, the extra padding in this cover made sure he was comfy and safe. Bebe Au Leit has the cutest patterns to choose from.

2| Free to Grow Baby Carrier c/o Baby Tula: This carrier is perfect for containing a wiggly 9 month old. Ben is able to ride in the front or the back and it’s easy to get off and on. 

3| Snack Carrier c/o Zoli: Now that Ben is eating solids, I always keep some snacks in the diaper bag. We typically keep mini club crackers and baby goldfish in this little snack carrier. 

4| Teething Ring: Ben got this for Christmas and it was one of his favorite things. 

5| Teething Mitt c/o Nuby: This mitt is awesome because they can’t drop it! Haha. Ben isn’t able to get it off, making it perfect for even younger babies who are battling with the pain of teething. 

6| Teething/Pacifier Clip: Ben is a binky lover! So I love that this binky clip doubles as a teether and a way to keep his binky handy at all times! haha!

7| Zipadee Zip: We actually used this with Blaire starting around this same age. She loved it, too! I like that it covers his feet and hands so it keeps them warm. 

8| Dockatot Grand c/o Dockatot: Ben has loved his Dockatot since birth. I’m glad they have a larger size so that he can continue to use it. He always slept well in it as an infant, so I think it was a nice way to give him some consistency as we moved him from our bed, to the pack ‘n play, to his crib.

9| Bibs: These bibs are some of our favorites! They’re the perfect size for a messy eater and are easy to wipe clean. 

10| 360 Sippy Cup: This cup is perfect for beginnings because of the weighted straw. It moves around the cup as your little tries to figure out how to use it, so it’s easier for them to get liquid even when they’re holding up sideways. Lol! 


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