• #ad Anyone else have kiddos obsessed with music? I am so impressed with how well Ben is playing his @babyeinstein Magic Touch Piano! The sheets of music are color-coded, so he matches the notes on the cards to the keys on the piano and it is so cute! I never played an instrument, but Jason played in the marching band through college and both of our kids love playing with instruments. I can’t wait to see if they decide to pursue an instrument as they get older! You can find this cute little piano at our favorite place, @target. #ignitecuriosity #babyeinstein #benjaminp
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  • I can’t believe I’m officially in my third trimester for the (99.9% sure 😬) last time. It’s such a bittersweet feeling... getting so close to meeting the final member of our family, but to know I’ll never get to experience the joy of seeing the tiny heartbeat in the first ultrasound or feeling the sweet kicks (and punches and dolphin flips). Ice cream, sno cones and the AC are my best friends right now. It’s also crazy to me that I still have another season to go before we welcome this sweet baby at the end of Sept or early October! #photobyblaire •
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  • #ad When your mom spends too much time in @target so you just jam out while you’re waiting. I usually make them put back whatever toy they’ve latched onto in the store, but this @babyeinstein Magic Touch Piano is so cute! It doesn’t have any keys or buttons – they actually press the wood and it makes noise. Ben keeps saying “Please open mama?!” so I can’t wait to get it home and let him jam out there, you know, with the sound on the lowest setting. 😂😂 #ignitecuriosity #babyeinstein
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  • My favorite traditions at 28 weeks: sno cones + this stretchy dress. #photobyblaire •
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  • Happy Prime Day!! I’m so excited to be shopping all the deals today, how about you?? #ad Lucky for us, my fave @kindsnacks are on sale! You can stock up just in time for the craziness of back to school. This Caramel Almond and Sea Salt bar is sweet and salty with just 5g of sugar! It’s keeping me going while I shop all day. 😉 #kindcollective #bekindtoyourself #primeday #amazonprimeday
  • Blaire cleaned her room and made her bed today. I think it’s so cute when she makes her bed and carefully arranges her animals! She usually cleans her room once a week, Sunday is the perfect day to start fresh. The majority of her toys are in there, she gets them all set up how she wants and I just feel bad making her put them away! Do your kids pick up their toys every night? #happilytristahome
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  • Well we don’t have a Nordstrom near us, but we do have an Aldi. Most of their summer items are on clearance and we scored this sweet pool for $7. Winner, winner. 🦄☀️ #blaireandben
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  • messy house, no makeup, and a kid who doesn’t want to wake up from his late car nap... meaning bedtime will be difficult. But what’s so different about that?! 🤪☹️ When your kids come out of your bed for the 1937 time tonight, just know you’re not alone. #happilytristahome
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  • If you need me I’ll be here taking a nap. JK. I’ll be in the car, curled up with my maternity pillow eating milk duds... hopefully taking a nap at some point. And I already changed into a comfy tee and some shorts that won’t button for the 6 hour drive. 🤣🤣🤣 How’s your Monday going?
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  • this. kid. He just melts me with how freaking adorable he is. Then he will go and say something like “Mama I want my binky NOWWWW” and then I remember he’s just as crazy as he is cute. 😍😝 #benjaminp
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February 5, 2019

Eagle Ridge Resort: a home away from home


After a long holiday season, I knew I wanted to set up something fun to celebrate Jason’s birthday. The holidays are always exhausting, but with everything else we had going on this year: our miscarriage over Christmas and New Year’s, tons of showings on our house, then selling it and finding our dream home, we were ready for some relaxation. And Eagle Ridge was the perfect escape for us! 

Eagle Ridge Resort Galena, ILEagle Ridge is in Galena, IL and is only 90 minutes from the Quad Cities and the change of scenery is exactly what we needed. It’s so hilly and beautiful there, you wouldn’t believe you’re so close to home. Not only is Eagle Ridge the perfect place to get away, with the spa, their four golf courses and top-notch dining, it’s only 5-10 mins to downtown Galena where you can find more than 100 store fronts with anything you are looking for. From dining to shopping for food, kids, clothing or home decor, you can find it in downtown Galena. 

We left around 3PM on Friday and were in our room and settled before 5PM. We stayed in a one bedroom Villa not too far from the resort and it couldn’t have been more cozy. The villa had wifi and smart TVs, so we could log into Netflix and binge-watch all of our favorite shows… because what else do you do when you’re kidless and don’t have to pause your show every 3 minutes when a toddler creeps into the living room because they “aren’t tired yet!”? We unpacked and headed over to dinner at the Woodlands Restaurant. Jason had French Onion Soup and said it was the BEST he has ever had. We had the house salad with their house Basil Buttermilk Dressing followed with scallops for Jason and a filet (butterflied, medium well) for me. And yes, I am a picky steak eater. Filet is my favorite and it must be butterflied. It’s the only way to get it cooked through without over cooking the outside of the steak and holy moly, did the Woodlands nail it! Jason’s scallops were delicious! We knew we would be stuffed, so we didn’t order dessert. But, Jack, the dining manager, told us we HAD to try their famous dessert. It is called Sinsinawa Mound Sinnablast and I will never be able to explain it the way he did. It tastes like the combination of a cinnamon roll, a waffle and a churro. And it was pure heaven! He told us it’s just as delicious in the morning, so of course we saved half to eat with our coffee for breakfast. And, surprise, he was right! We warmed it just for a few seconds and it was delicious! Speaking of coffee, they serve Starbucks in the General Store so it was amazing to get my Peppermint White Mocha only 2 minutes from our villa.

Saturday started with our trip to grab Starbucks from the General Store. Then we ate breakfast in our villa and headed downtown to shop and have lunch.

It was snowing while we were walking downtown and it couldn’t have been prettier! We settled on a pub for lunch and then did some more shopping before heading back to Eagle Ridge to change into comfy clothes for our Couples Swedish Massage. It was the perfect way to warm up after spending so much time out in the cold. Before our massages we hung out in the relaxation room. It was definitely relaxing! We had 60 minutes massages and it was definitely the best either of us has ever had. They started on our feet and let a heating pad lay over our neck, shoulders and back to loosen up our problem areas. So when it was time to work on them, it felt like she got out every knot possible! It was so relaxing! After the massages we hung out in the relaxation room for a bit before heading back to our room to relax before dinner.

We both felt like pizza for dinner so we headed back over to the resort where we had drinks in front of the fireplace before heading into the lounge for dinner. I had a black olive and sausage pizza that I still can’t stop thinking about! After dinner, we each decided to try a special holiday drink. The Bourbon Furnace for Jason and Cocoa with Friends for me! They were the perfect drinks to sip by the fireplace before heading back to our villa to finish up the latest season of Ozark. Yeah, we’re party animals! One of my favorite things was that we met so many nice people around the fireplace each night. Many of them are retired and have homes at Eagle Ridge so they all know each other and are so friendly to each other, plus anyone new they meet! They want you to love it there just as much as the staff does.


The weather called for lots of snow Sunday, so we knew we needed to get back to the Quad Cities by early afternoon. We had brunch at The Woodlands before heading back downtown to do a little more shopping. The brunch was phenomenal! (In addition to brunch they did also have a breakfast menu.) the French toast was my favorite!

Eagle Ridge Resort Galena, IL - Main Entrance SignOur weekend at Eagle Ridge was exactly what we needed. We left feeling relaxed and happy. The staff went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable and taken care of. Every person we encountered was smiling ear to ear, not only staff but literally every person we ran in to. I think it’s hard not to smile when you’re in such a beautiful place full of positive people. In our villa there was a Journal for each person who has stayed in the room to leave a note, along with the dates they stayed. It was SO fun to read back through the entries.

You can find out more about Eagle Ridge on their website and you can also find them on Instagram and Facebook.

Do you like to do a staycation every once in awhile? Have you ever been to Galena, IL or Eagle Ridge?

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    • Well we don’t have a Nordstrom near us, but we do have an Aldi. Most of their summer items are on clearance and we scored this sweet pool for $7. Winner, winner. 🦄☀️ #blaireandben
#summer #momentsiwanttoremember #aldifinds #motherhood
    • This summer hasn’t really felt like summer yet. 🤨 So when we have an 85° day we make the most out of it with a trip to the pool! How’d you spend your Sunday Funday? #blaireandben
    • another day, another doctors appointment for someone in our crew. today it’s Ben. he was up overnight saying his ear hurt — a double ear infection for him. luckily the kid loves taking medicine and hasn’t let his ears get him down! as long as he’s up moving around they’re fine, but the second he lays down... 😭😭😭. hoping our poor buddy is feeling better tomorrow. do you feel like you need a frequent flier card for your pediatrician? just me? okay. #blaireandben #itsfinewerefine
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    • When your brother is getting big but you still want to hold him... you gotta pinch his butt because he’s so wiggly. 😂😬😍 #blaireandben •
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    • It is definitely bittersweet to leave the house where we brought both of these babies home. But we are excited for our next chapter as a family of five! #rainbowbaby #blaireandben
#pregnancyannouncement #rainbowbabyannouncement #firsttrimester
    • Last night was our first night in the new house. 👏🏻 We still have lots of stuff to bring from the old house and then lots of cleaning over there before the final walk through and closing next Monday. Then we can focus on getting this house unpacked and organized. But first, I would like a nap. 😴 #blaireandben #happilytristahome
    • Happy Halloween! 🎃 👻 #blaireandben
    • Bsquared #BlaireandBen 😍😘☺️
    • This sums up our Sunday. After driving around like crazy people to go to three parties yesterday, today was lazy and included movies, popcorn, long naps, quick trick or treat at the mall and then spaghetti pizza. And I might be eating my kids candy on the couch right now. 😍 How was your weekend? #blaireandben
    • Childhood... drinking a frosty in your teepee. what. a. life. We had a slow weekend. Literally vegged out at home 95% of the time and it was marvelous.  #blaireandben
    • It’s that time of the year again... you were just packing away the summer clothes and then it’s all of a sudden 80°. What’s the weather like where you live? #blaireandben