valentines made easy with oreo

January 28, 2019

This post is sponsored by on behalf of OREO.

OREO Valentine's Day Exchange KitIf you’re anything like me, you start thinking about Valentine’s Day in January, when the stores put everything Valentine’s out. BUT it’s too early to buy anything because you’ll lose it somewhere in your house. Lol! So… then a month goes by and you totally forget about Valentine’s Day. Fast forward and it’s February 8, your kids come home from school for the weekend with their Valentine’s Day school party info and you realize you better get it together. Lucky for you, OREO and Amazon Prime have your back!

OREO has the cutest (and most convenient!) OREO Valentine’s Day Exchange Kit on Amazon. For less than $15, it includes everything you need for 25 Valentines, plus a box of limited-edition Love OREO cookies with sweet and tangy flavored crème, plus fun peel-and-play stickers on the pack. Something sweet for your friends and family, and something sweet for you. Win/win!

The little boxes are perfect for kids ages five and up to help with. Simply fill out the “To:” and “From:” sections, then fold up the boxes, stuff with an OREO Milka Fun Size Chocolate Bar or single serve OREO Cookie pack, and fold the top closed.

Blaire and I were able to make all of these boxes in less than five minutes! We can’t wait to deliver them to her friends at dance and our family members. She is so proud of herself for being able to fold the boxes on her own and can’t wait to share her favorite cookies with her favorite people.

Building OREO Valentine's Day Exchange KitBuilding OREO Valentine's Day Exchange KitBuilding OREO Valentine's Day Exchange KitBuilding OREO Valentine's Day Exchange KitOREO Valentine's Day Exchange Kit OREO Valentine's Day Exchange KitI love that I can get the box on Amazon Prime, meaning I don’t even have to leave my house, since they’ll come to me within 48 hours. The box doesn’t take up too much space, so they can sit out of the way until you’re ready to make the boxes. Then we were able to fit them back inside the box (with the lid open!) and they can sit in the laundry room until we’re ready to hand them out. It doesn’t get easier than that.

What’s your favorite kind of OREO cookie? We love trying all of their new and fun flavors, so we were excited to try out the limited-edition Love OREO cookies. They are so yummy!

When do you and your kiddos get Valentine’s done? I’m not lying when I say we are always doing them the night of February 13. No matter how much I promise myself we’ll do them sooner the next year, something always happens to come up.

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