ben: 19 months

January 13, 2019

Ben 19 MonthsWeight/Height: 22.5lbs /  32″

Wearing: 18 months / 18-24 PJS and 12 mo or 18 month clothing. 

Saying: My favorite things he is saying right now are “K!” and “Ya!” 

Favorite Things: His sister, anything I’m trying to drink. I love that he is always thinking about his sister. He always gets in the fridge and gets an apple sauce for both of them, then runs the apple sauce over to her and they high five. It is one of the cutest things ever. 

Favorite Foods: Pancakes

Biggest Milestone: He’s finally get another tooth… tooth number 13. 

My Favorite Part of This Stage: His listening. We are working hard on communicating with him, making sure we listen when he has something to say and then repeating to him what we want him to do and helping him do it. He is really good at picking up and he really loves helping us with whatever we are doing – cleaning, lawn work, etc. he just wants to do whatever we are doing.

Ben 19 Months 

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