the easiest way to keep your home smelling fresh

December 20, 2018

This post is sponsored by Febreze but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Febreeze Plugs Mediterranean Lavender
Who doesn’t love a fresh smelling home? But with kids and pets, there are so many odors to combat in your home before you achieve the fresh smell you’re looking for. For me, the easiest way to keep my home smelling fresh, is using Febreze Plugs.

Febreze Plugs have plenty of fresh scents to choose from and they’re affordable. You can find them at Sam’s, where you can buy 2 plus and 4 refills for $14.98. These 4 refills last 1200 hours or 45 days*. They have 30% more oils, resulting in the longer lasting scents. 1 Febreze Plug is equivalent to 4 of the “other guy’s” plugs. And I love that Febreze Plugs at Sam’s Club doesn’t just mask odors, it truly cleans odors away. You can even control the flow of the scent with the setting button on the top of the plug. The plug on the back is even adjustable, making it perfect for vertical or horizontal outlets.

With our house on the market, we have showings several times per week and no time to worry about lighting a candle or spraying something around the house to get rid of odors. Febreze Plugs are the easy solution because we can plug them in and not have to worry about odors lingering in our home for the next 45 days.

Febreeze Plugs Mediterranean Lavender Febreeze PlugsFebreeze Plugs Mediterranean Lavender in Baby NurseryFebreeze Plugs Mediterranean Lavender at Sam's Club Febreeze Plugs Mediterranean Lavender at Sam's Club Febreeze Plugs Mediterranean Lavender at Sam's Club Febreeze Plugs Mediterranean Lavender at Sam's ClubFor a limited time you can find Febreze Plugs at Sam’s Club in limited edition scents Mediterranean Lavender, Linen & Sky, Gain Original Scent and Hawaiian Aloha. The packaging is Scratch & Sniff, so you smell them right in the store.

Which scent do you think you would like best?

*on low setting.

**Leading pluggable’s top scents, Nielsen sales 2017.

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