3 things we did to adjust our budget when I left my full-time job

November 25, 2018

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Snow Storm 2018It has been exactly one year since I left my full-time job. And while giving up that full-time income wasn’t something I took lightly, it’s definitely something I’ll never regret. I now have the cutest tiny bosses in the world. They sure are sassier than (most) of the people I’ve worked with before, although they’re actually much less dramatic. ;)

Before leaving my job, we had to take a look at our finances to figure out where we could trim back to make up for the income we would be losing. These are the three things that helped us.

1| Stick to your budget.
No more absentmindedly throwing random stuff in the cart when shopping, no more multiple trips to the coffee shop every day and no more splurging on over-priced kids clothing are all things that helped cut down on the unnecessary spending out of our budget. Going shopping with a list, shopping somewhere (like Walmart) where they will price-match items for you and learning how to cook our favorite meals at home (ya know, things like Mac ‘n cheese and chicken nuggets) cuts back on the money we used to spend ordering take out.

2| Buy used when you can.
I love shopping and it doesn’t matter to me if it’s in a store or online, new or used. There are so many consignment websites where I can find clothing for myself, my children and Jason. While I occasionally shop through these websites, I also LOVE to shop for used items locally. Finding things through local swap sites is so much fun for me. I can usually find them for half the original cost with plenty of wear left for my kiddos.

3| Sell items (clothing, baby gear, home decor) you no longer need.
In addition to hunting down clothing, toys and home items through swap sites I also use them to MAKE money. I do like to save clothing and some of the larger baby gear for our future kids, but there are items I can part with. Whether it’s a stroller, old baby clothing or a sound machine we don’t need, I can easily list them on our local swap sites.

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While it’s not always easy to stick to a budget and spend the extra time to shop for things used, it is so worth it to be able to spend more time at home with my kids. Not having to worry about who can take time off of work to be home with a sick kid or for a snow day takes stress off of both parents and that’s worth so much more than money.

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