blaire: 4.5 years old

September 17, 2018

Blaire's first day of prekNicknames: Blairsey, Sweetie Pea, Baby Girl

Height/Weight: 42.1″ (53 percentile) | 42lbs (78 percentile)

Learning: Blaire started school the week before Labor Day and she is loving it! She already is sounding out words while she plays games on her iPad or when we’re reading books. She talks about God more to us and also has started using new words and then telling us what they mean. She loves making new friends and loves her teachers! 

Watching: Muppet Babies (She calls them Muffin Babies, it’s my favorite thing), Barbie, Lego DC Super Hero Girls, Spirit and anything with Disney Princesses. 

Reading: She loves that she gets to go to the library now at school. The first book she brought home was a Barbie book. She loves to look at books, but usually let’s Ben pick what books for us to read. She loves to “read” to him and it’s so cute to see her tell the story in her own words. 

What She Wants to be When She Grows Up: She says, “A person who helps people”. She loves teachers and nurses and moms. She sees so many of our friends and family members who have jobs that involve helping people, so that’s all she really knows that she wants to do. 

Favorite Things to Do: She loves to play outside, sing/dance, play barbies and play pretend. She has a wooden doll house she received for Christmas and she has a huge collection of “dolls” who she likes to play with in the house. She has a bunny family, she has some wooden princess dolls, a plastic doll family and last, but not least, Peppa Pig’s family. They all play together and have quite the extended family. 

Favorite Foods: Honestly if she could survive on tomatoes, broccoli, grapes, cucumbers and celery, she would. Especially if she could have a side of ranch with them… SO basically just a veggie tray for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She would also eat chicken Nuggets and any kind of chips, but only if you insisted. 

Biggest Milestone: Starting pre-k and not having any issues with drop off. She hasn’t cried or whined about going. Every morning she wakes up and asks if it’s a school day. She gets excited to get ready for school and loves hanging out with me in the drop off line each day. Her teacher emails pictures throughout the day each day. Sometimes she’s playing in a group of friends, other times she’s doing something on her own. But she always looks like she’s happy… But she definitely runs out to us when she gets out each afternoon. 

My Favorite Part of This Stage: I love that she still thinks of her family as the most important thing to her. I know one day she won’t think we’re cool and won’t think the world revolves around us… but, for now, she does. She is very patient and great with Ben about 90% of the time. She’s still working on not getting frustrated with him when he ruins something she’s been working on. We are still trying to find the right amount of screen time without turning her into a zombie. So it’s fun for me to try to figure out things to do with her to keep her off of her iPad. Whether it’s finding her fun coloring or activity printables for her to work on or playing with her in her room, she loves that we’re spending time together and that I’m doing something she thinks is fun. 

Blaire 4.5 years old Blaire 4.5 years old Blaire 4.5 years oldBlaire 4.5 years old Blaire 4.5 years old Blaire 4.5 years old Blaire 4.5 years old Blaire 4.5 years old
unicorn/dino dress (size up 1 size) | school chalkboard | wooden princess peg dolls

Hey, time. Slow down! I am enjoying my last year with my sassy girl before she leaves me for Kindergarten. 

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    Caro davis
    September 20, 2018 at 11:39 am

    Great update on Blaire! Love all the pics too of course ! She’s growing up too fast for sure !

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