ben: 17 months

September 4, 2018

Ben 17 Months OldThis is a little late since Ben turned 17 months old on August 21… but, oh well! Better late than never? 

Weight/Height: 22.7lbs /  32″  

Nicknames: Benny, Ben Ben, Benny Wenny, Benny Boy and Benji

Wearing: Moving into mostly 18 month (or 18-24 month) clothing

New Words: Sissy, binky, doggy, kitty, Mickey, Coco, truck

Favorite Things: Coco and Mickey Mouse! He also loves crawling around the floor, playing with trucks. He loves swinging and playing outside. He really loves “riding” in the Cozy Coupe, but is really just happy to sit in it and play with the steering wheel. 

Favorite Foods: STRAWBERRIES! Strawberries all day, every day. The best part is he ALWAYS smells like strawberries. I love it so much. Also, ice cream. But make sure it’s in a waffle cone! His taste buds are just SO funny! He will LOVE something for three days and then all of a sudden he’s over it. He still loves his milk in a bottle before bed and first thing in the morning. 

Biggest Milestone: Climbing. He is climbing everything. He climbs the coffee table and sits on it to watch TV. He climbs on the couch, he can climb up into the chairs in the kitchen. You can’t keep this boy on the ground. Also, he is really, really good at stairs now, so we can finally put away the baby gate! He can also climb out of the shopping cart unless you buckle it around the actual cart to keep him in.  

My Favorite Part of This Stage: His personality is just SO sweet and so hilarious. One of the funniest thing he does is he always keeps a binky in the right-side cup holder of his car seat. He puts it in there when I unbuckle him and he grabs it and puts it in his mouth as soon as I sit him in the car seat. Ben 17 Months OldBen 17 Months Old

Ben 17 Months Old Ben 17 Months Old Ben 17 Months Old Ben 17 Months Old Ben 17 Months Old Ben 17 Months Old Ben 17 Months Old Ben 17 Months Old Ben 17 Months OldOne of my favorite things is looking in rearview mirror and seeing Ben’s reflection in his mirror above his carseat. He is usually sitting with his legs crossed, and a lot of times he’s holding onto one of his feet (like the picture above). When he’s curled up like that he looks so little still. He usually always notices me and gives him his giant smile. Sometimes he will wave or blow me a kiss. And I just want to freeze time. 

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