3 ways to drink more water

September 24, 2018

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3 ways to drink more waterI am one of those weird people who doesn’t like water. I never have. And not just “it’s not my favorite drink” kind of doesn’t like. As in, I could go weeks or months without drinking a glass/bottle/sip of water.

But, the few times in my life I’ve limited my caffeine intake and MADE myself consume water on a daily basis, my mind has seriously done a 180. I’m not sure I’ve ever stuck with it to see if my body changed much, other than losing a few pounds of water weight. 

1| Drink GOOD water.
I am one of those weird people who doesn’t like water. And coming from someone who doesn’t like it, there are some waters I absolutely CANNOT make myself drink (like the water from our tap) and there is water I can drink without flavoring, even if it’s not my favorite thing in the entire world. My newest fave? Himalayan Natural Mineral Water! This mineral water journeys for 20 years through the mountains. The water is naturally filtered and doesn’t see the light of day until it is bottled at the source, at the base of the Himalayas. The balanced pH and the ideal proportions of minerals and electrolytes create a smooth, great taste. The electrolytes are important for keeping your body hydrated. 3 ways to drink more water3 ways to drink more water2| Drink it from a cup with a straw.
For some reason, drinking with a straw typically means I’ll drink faster. And drinking from a cup that can hold more than a traditional bottle of water means I’ll drink more because I don’t have to get up to grab another bottle as frequently. There are so many options for insulated cups that will keep your water colder for a longer amount of time. Investing in a cute cup/straw is like an investment in your health. ;) 

3| Track your water intake. 
I don’t care if you tally your glasses on a post-it next to your computer, in your planner, on your arm or on your fridge. If you’re feeling crafty, you can search Pinterest and print out one of the cute, free printables you find. Setting a goal (in cups or ounces) and marking off each time you’re closer to meeting your goal with help motivate you to keep you going. 

3 ways to drink more water 3 ways to drink more water 3 ways to drink more water 3 ways to drink more waterYou can follow Himalayan Water on Instagram for inspiration to keep yourself hydrated! 

What are your tips for making yourself drink more water? Let me know in a Comment below! 

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