I didn’t shop at target for 31 days and this is what I learned

July 3, 2018

Target June 2018I did it. I went a whole 31 days without stepping foot inside my most favorite place on earth. And while I did occasionally stalk, I did not place any orders. And please believe me, the 40% off shoe sale REALLY tempted me. They were in my cart, I was SO close to just pulling the trigger. But I talked myself down. And now I’ll be paying full price for those cute sandals. But it’s fine… because I did it!

1| returns at target are easier than most other places.
Why do I still need my receipt for returns at 90% of stores in the year 2018? Why can’t more places swipe my card and see that I purchased the item from them? At Target, they do, whether it’s with a Target card or another card. It makes returns SO much easier. Yes, I buy things that I realize I don’t need ALL THE TIME. With Target it’s SO easy to take them back to the store and get my money back to use on something else.

2| there are things at target we can’t get anywhere else.
…And some of them aren’t even for me! Jason lives for their Archer Farms Oven Roasted Turkey Breast. He likes it better than any other deli meat he’s tried. So while I successfully did not shop at Target for one month, you best believe he was still in there once per week stocking up on his turkey. As for me, there are plenty of things I need to buy at Target. Kids clothes, diapers, wipes, shoes (for the kids and for me!), milk, baby food pouches and yogurt. Sure we can find these things at other stores, but most of the time they are a way better deal at Target. We love to stock up on diapers and wipes when they offer the gift card with a purchase of a certain dollar amount. And you can’t beat the price of their Cat & Jack line!

3| shopping with kids is more bearable at target.
Free cheese slices in the deli, free cookies or fruit, Starbucks, family bathroom by the pharmacy. All of these things make it so much more bearable to be out with my kids. The store is clean, it’s always easy to get a good parking spot, they will happily let you nurse in a fitting room (and many stores have set up little nursing areas for mamas!) and I love finding items in the app where it lists the exact aisle. PLUS lots of stores offer store pick-up now. It’s perfect when you don’t want to grab the kids out of the car. I ordered some Excedrin for my migraine and picked it up within 15 minutes PLUS she brought me out a little Target bottle of water since she figured I may need it to take my medicine with. And she brought popcorn for the kids… HOW AMAZING IT THAT?!

4| target bags are my favorite.
They’re sturdier than most other plastic bags. They’re the best to put in our smaller garbage cans, to use when cleaning out the litter boxes and to use when sending clothing, shoes, etc. home with friends. I missed them.

5| target is the perfect way to kill time… and you don’t HAVE to buy everything.
Our house is on the market which means we have a lot of time to kill during showings. Target is the BEST way to do that. The kids are happy because, see #3 above, and I’m happy because I can grab a coffee and get my steps in pushing our cart through the store. And with the time I spent away from Target, I realized I don’t ALWAYS need a new pillow, or chair, or decorative wall art. But I can still look… even if I don’t buy. Plus, how will I know about the amazing random items on clearance I DO need if I don’t spend time strolling through the store?

What do you love about Target? Is it your favorite store? Is there a better store I’m missing out on?!

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