our roadtrip to red wing, minnesota (with the toyota camry hybrid LXE)

June 19, 2018

Thank you to Toyota for lending us the 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE to test drive for a one week. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Back in June, we were invited to a wedding in Minnesota (sans kids) so we had a kid-free getaway and it was so nice! I love being able to sleep in. Seriously, both mornings Jason had to wake me up at 10AM. It was even more fun because we had lots of friends who were up there, too. So we were able to catch up, relax and stay up late!Treasure Island Red Wing Minnesota Treasure Island Red Wing Minnesota  2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLEThe wedding we attended was in Red Wing, Minnesota. It was beautiful there! I had never been to Minnesota before so I wasn’t sure what to expect… other than lots of lakes. The drive was hilly and so pretty! We found a local brewery with yummy pizza for lunch one day and there was a Target not too far away from our hotel so I could grab my coffee in the mornings. Saying it was hot while we were there was an understatement. It was SO humid and nearly 100 degrees each day. 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLEWe were able to take the 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE on our road trip and we LOVED it. Seriously. First of all, it’s a hybrid, so it literally got an average of 61 mpg on our trip. My SUV gets about 15 mpg, so you can only imagine how much money we saved with this Toyota. It had all of the luxuries I want: WiFi (powered by Verizon), remote start, and also unlock, lock, etc. from their app. It also has a 5 star safety rating, which is obviously high on our list of “must haves” for our next vehicle. There was a wireless charging pad where I could charge my iPhone 8+ without using a charger. All 4 windows are auto up and auto down, which may not sound like a huge deal to some, but my 2016 SUV only has an auto up on the driver’s side… Lame. Also, there are 5 USB ports. 5! 

The backup camera was better than anything I’ve ever imagined. The Bird’s Eye View Monitor is unreal! In the photo below, it’s shown on the left-hand side of the monitor. It gives drivers the ability to view their surroundings from above. We HAD to google how it works because we just couldn’t get over how cool it was. So, this is how it works: The vehicle uses four exterior cameras, one on each corner. The cameras capture the surroundings and use the data to create a bird’s eye view image. 

018 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE 018 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE018 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLERed Wing MinnesotaWe had so much fun! I’m thankful I am finally in a great place with my anxiety because getting some time away with my hubby is so relaxing! Every mom needs a break and it’s extra special when mom and dad get a break together. 

Do you like to road trip with your family? And have you ever had a Toyota? What’d you think? Is it Jason’s next vehicle make? 

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