Ben: 15 months

June 21, 2018

Benjamin, 15 months oldBen turned 15 months old on June 21 and I still can’t believe it. He’s definitely not a baby anymore. He is always busy running around, climbing things and causing trouble. He loves animals, he says “ruff ruff” and “quack quack”. We finally found a few movies he is happy to sit still for a few minutes to watch, Sing and The Star. He does still love Puppy Dog Pals, too!

Ben loves to hug and give giant, open mouth kisses. He does peek-a-boo with his hands over his ears and will sometimes try to blow a kiss. He is so happy, but also very stubborn, just like his sister. Yesterday at the car dealership, he was walking around making friends with everyone and an older man sitting near us wished me luck with have two alpha kids. Sooo it’s not just his mom and dad who have noticed his bossiness and stubborness.

He is still just a little guy, although he did officially gain a pound from his 12 month well visit to his 15 month. He had been running a low grade fever the few days before his last well visit so we delayed his shots by a week. He does typically have a good appetite for at least 2 meals of the day and loves to snack, especially on crackers and fruit. He ALWAYS smells like strawberries and I love it! He still takes a bottle with while milk at bedtime and first thing in the morning. He will drink from a straw, sippy, or 360 cup but the bottle just seems to relax him more than the others so we have let him keep it.

He is sleeping by himself more regularly, whether it’s in his crib or his pack and play in our room. On really rough nights when his teeth seem to really be bothering him, he loves the rock n play and falls right to sleep.Benjamin, 15 months oldBenjamin, 15 months old Benjamin, 15 months old Benjamin, 15 months old Benjamin, 15 months old Benjamin, 15 months old Benjamin, 15 months old Benjamin, 15 months old Benjamin, 15 months old Benjamin, 15 months oldWeight/Height: 21.10lbs (23%) /  30.25″ (28%) 

Wearing: Still mostly 12 months, although his 12 month PJs are getting a little tight! Some 18 month tops.

Saying: Mama, Dada, Hi Dada, Go, Car, Hi, Blaire, Ball, Night Night

Favorite Things: Blaire and dada. He runs to the door when he hears Jason unlocking it. He loves wrestling with Blaire, playing with whatever she is playing with. He wants to be just like her so he is always trying to steal her headbands and princess crowns. It also seems stereotypical but he loves to play with anything that has wheels and he loves balls! He even takes Blaire’s baseball mitt and wants to play catch.

Biggest Milestone: Cutting his first molars, all 4 of them at the same time. It has made him a miserable little baby. He isn’t sleeping the best at night and gets cranky throughout the day.

Biggest Challenge: He thinks it’s funny when he gets in trouble! Blaire did not like getting in trouble and was a good listener. Although when you are very stern with him he will pretend to be upset. He cries, lays on his stomach and puts his butt up in the air. He will cry, but look over to see if you’re still watching him, and if you are then he’ll put his face back down and keep crying. Such a stinker!

My Favorite Part of This Stage: I can’t even pick one thing. Watching him learn so many new things and how much he loves all of us are two of my favorites.

Looking Forward To: Less screaming and more words!

Benjamin, 15 months old Benjamin, 15 months old

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