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June 14, 2018

This post is sponsored by Activia but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.Self CareI don’t know about you, but the one part of motherhood that came easiest to me was putting my baby’s needs first. And I’m not just talking about the tough things, like getting out of bed at 3AM. I’m talking about all of the little things that add up because they don’t necessarily seem hard when you’re doing them. 

Think of it this way, by 6AM each morning, my babies were probably on their third feeding of the day, their fourth diaper and their second outfit. And by 6PM that night, I was probably still in the same outfit I had worn for the past three days, the it had definitely been at least four days since I had showered and I had probably rewarmed my cup of coffee at least five times before I gave up. 

I forgot to take care of myself. 

My baby ate more than me, bathed more than me and the only “me time” I had was a weekly 5 min shower while she was napping. 

You can only live like this so long before it starts to take its toll on you. That’s why it’s important for moms to practice self-care. You’ve heard it over and over again, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” and it’s true! You need to take time for yourself. I’m not saying you need a weekly trip to the spa (a mama can dream though, right?!) Making self-care a part of your daily life is easier said than done, right? These 5 things are SO easy, even I can stick to them. ;)

1| Eat breakfast! It’s not that I don’t LOVE food, because I do. And it’s not because I’m not hungry, because I am. It’s just that kids are exhausting. When I was working, I kept my food at work and would eat at my desk with a hot cup of coffee when I was catching up on emails each morning. Who knew that would sound like a vacation at this point in my life? Now, when I actually have a moment to sit down, I finally sit down to get some work done and just snack on whatever is leftover from their meals. Well, not anymore! For the past 15 days I’ve taken the Activia 15 Day Challenge and it’s been amazing! You simply eat two of the Activia yogurts each day for 15 days. That’s it! This yogurt is low fat and is packed with Activia’s billions of live and active probiotics! The yogurt helped me feel full and is a great way to support your gut and immune health. 

2| Get active. You know I was never really into working out. But starting a fitness routine was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Not only is it good for my physical health, but it’s SO rewarding mentally, as well. Overall I became much less irritable in my day-to-day life. I felt better, not only did my body stop having random aches, I felt less tired throughout the day, I felt happier and more patient. So even if it’s a 15 minute walk with your kids, do something! You’ll feel so much better!

3| Take care of your skin. Your skin deserves it! You’re exhausted. Your hormones are a roller coaster during pregnancy and postpartum. Even by just making a point to wash my makeup off before bed each night and applying a moisturizer, I saw a huge difference. Love your skin and it will love you back!

4| Read a book. Reading a book is the perfect way to escape. Whether it’s fictional to help you completely enter a new world or a book to help you with a new life skill (think organization, parenting, etc.) I definitely fall asleep easier at night if I read for 30 mins before bed vs. watching TV. 

5| Spend time with friends. As a mom, it can be SO hard to find friends who understand what you’re going through. So cherish the friends you do have. And spend time together! Even if it’s just a trip to Target together without the kiddos. Get together for dinner once a month, spend an hour getting a pedicure together, really anything sans kids is bound to help you feel reconnected and refreshed and ready to give 100% to your babies when you get home. 

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I’d love to hear how you felt after trying Activia’s 15 day challenge! 

How do you take care of yourself, mama? Let me know in a Comment!

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