• Happy Prime Day!! I’m so excited to be shopping all the deals today, how about you?? #ad Lucky for us, my fave @kindsnacks are on sale! You can stock up just in time for the craziness of back to school. This Caramel Almond and Sea Salt bar is sweet and salty with just 5g of sugar! It’s keeping me going while I shop all day. 😉 #kindcollective #bekindtoyourself #primeday #amazonprimeday
  • Blaire cleaned her room and made her bed today. I think it’s so cute when she makes her bed and carefully arranges her animals! She usually cleans her room once a week, Sunday is the perfect day to start fresh. The majority of her toys are in there, she gets them all set up how she wants and I just feel bad making her put them away! Do your kids pick up their toys every night?
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  • Well we don’t have a Nordstrom near us, but we do have an Aldi. Most of their summer items are on clearance and we scored this sweet pool for $7. Winner, winner. 🦄☀️ #blaireandben
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  • messy house, no makeup, and a kid who doesn’t want to wake up from his late car nap... meaning bedtime will be difficult. But what’s so different about that?! 🤪☹️ When your kids come out of your bed for the 1937 time tonight, just know you’re not alone. •
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  • If you need me I’ll be here taking a nap. JK. I’ll be in the car, curled up with my maternity pillow eating milk duds... hopefully taking a nap at some point. And I already changed into a comfy tee and some shorts that won’t button for the 6 hour drive. 🤣🤣🤣 How’s your Monday going?
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  • this. kid. He just melts me with how freaking adorable he is. Then he will go and say something like “Mama I want my binky NOWWWW” and then I remember he’s just as crazy as he is cute. 😍😝 #benjaminp
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  • Happy Fourth! It’s finally under 90° so we are out and waiting for fireworks to start! 🙌🏻 Hope you had a great day with your family. ❤️🇺🇸💥
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  • I’m 26 weeks now and this is how my every day goes.
stranger: when are you due?
me: October 8.
stranger: 😳😳😳😳
I can’t believe it’s only another 14 weeks to go! Ben was born just past 38 weeks, so it could only be another 12. 😬😬😬🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 #photobyblaire •
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  • Blaire walked in on me doing the dishes and asked if she could take over. After, she proclaimed she was really good at it so it should be her new “chore”. They’re all yours, kid. 🧽 Do your kids do chores? Do they get an allowance? #blairep
  • This kid! He loves the water just like his sister and they’d spend all day and night at the pool if we let them. I can’t wait for the long weekend! What are your plans for the 4th? 💥 #benjaminp
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  • #ad You guys know we bought our forever home in March, after nearly a year of looking. Finding the right home is stressful! We lucked out and found one in an AMAZING neighborhood! While we love our house and love the location, there are a few things that need to be updated. Like the windows… and while they don’t NEED to be replaced immediately, we know they need to be replaced in the near future and it’s going to be a big job.
We are lucky because my dad is an electrician and super handy! But something like windows? That’s something even he suggests we leave to a professional. I’m so excited to be able to use @HomeAdvisor to match us with a professional for the job! They have been the best resource for planning and budgeting this huge project. You can find a link in my bio to learn more about using HomeAdvisor to get matched for any home improvement project, from remodels to pools to fences, they’ll help you find the right match! #HomeAdvisor
May 1, 2018

what to pack for the beach with a toddler & an infant


Thank you to Pepperidge Farm® for sponsoring today’s post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.Reddington Beach Florida 2018For our beach adventures, I condense what I would usually keep in the diaper bag and my purse and add them into our beach bag. Since we have both kids to carry, I don’t also want to haul around three bags! At 13 months, Ben is mostly along for the ride. He is happy to play in the sand, splash in the water and crawl around for a bit. Then he wants his bottle and to nap in the shade. (I can’t say I blame him.)

At 4, Blaire wants to be all over the place! She wants to build a sand castle one minute, jump over the waves the next, then she’s back in the sand wanting to bury Jason’s legs, then back to the water wanting Jason to take her out “really, really far”. It’s important to keep her fueled up so she can get all of her energy out while we’re at the beach… then nap in the car on the drives back to the hotel! ;) Honeymoon Beach Florida 2018what to pack for the beach with a toddler and an infantwhat to pack for the beach with a toddler and an infant1| Sunscreen. Obviously it’s most important to keep those precious kiddos protected from the sunshine. And always be sure to read the label on the sunscreen bottle. Most state you need to stay out of the water for a certain amount of time to allow it to dry completely once you’ve applied it. They also have different times for how long they will last with sweat/water exposure vs. no sweat or water. When in doubt, apply more! Make sure you get the tops of their hands and fingers, as well as the tops of their feet. Those areas are typically in direct sunlight most of the time and tend to be forgotten about. (Babies under 6 months old should stay out of sunlight and NOT use sunscreen.)

2| Rash Guards, Hats, & Sunglasses. Anything you can use to keep your child’s skin out of direct sunlight is best. If they’ll leave on sunglasses – great! It’s great to protect those precious eyes. I love hats with a chin strap, because they’re harder for smaller children to rip off. I also like to put rash guard style SPF tops on both kids because it’s less area to put sun screen on, which makes it easier on me.

3| Snacks! We LOVE Goldfish® crackers! They are a snack I feel good about. They’re always baked with real cheese and have no artificial flavors or preservatives. It makes me feel good that all of the colors are sourced from plants. There are so many all of the colors flavor options and we haven’t found one we don’t love. Our two favorites are the traditional Cheddar and the all of the colors Colors crackers. And don’t forget to pack some ice water in an insulated cup so it stays cold and refreshing! (Keep your food sealed and stored when you’re not eating them – seagulls are ruthless!)

Other items not requiring explanations:
4| Swim Diapers, Regular Diapers, & Wipes
5| Beach Towels
6|Sand Toys
7| Kleenex
8| Wet/Dry Bag
9| Bandaids
10| Swim Floatie
11| Bottles/Formula
12| Sand Toys

what to pack for the beach with a toddler and an infantHoneymoon Beach Florida 2018Honeymoon Beach Florida 2018Honeymoon Beach Florida 2018One of the most reassuring things about all of the colors is they source all of their colors from plants. The red Goldfish crackers are colored using red beet juice concentrate and paprika extracted from sweet red peppers. The blue crackers are made with Huito (a South American fruit) and Watermelon juice concentrates. (If you want to see how the other colors are made, you can visit the Goldfish website here.) I know many children (and adults!) have sensitive to the artificial dyes used in so many foods, it’s nice to know Goldfish website here are a safe snack for them.

what to pack for the beach with a toddler and an infantwhat to pack for the beach with a toddler and an infantWhile hanging out at the beach with children isn’t nearly as relaxing as hanging out on the beach without children, it’s amazing how much more fun it is when you’re with your children. Seeing how much fun Blaire had jumping in the waves and building sandcastles and seeing Ben clapping his hands in the sand and screaming with joy are definitely some of the cutest things I’ve ever seen, especially because babies in swim suits are just adorable all in itself.

What do you pack for the beach with your babies? What are your favorite easy snacks for when you’re on the go?

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    • Well we don’t have a Nordstrom near us, but we do have an Aldi. Most of their summer items are on clearance and we scored this sweet pool for $7. Winner, winner. 🦄☀️ #blaireandben
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    • This summer hasn’t really felt like summer yet. 🤨 So when we have an 85° day we make the most out of it with a trip to the pool! How’d you spend your Sunday Funday? #blaireandben
    • another day, another doctors appointment for someone in our crew. today it’s Ben. he was up overnight saying his ear hurt — a double ear infection for him. luckily the kid loves taking medicine and hasn’t let his ears get him down! as long as he’s up moving around they’re fine, but the second he lays down... 😭😭😭. hoping our poor buddy is feeling better tomorrow. do you feel like you need a frequent flier card for your pediatrician? just me? okay. #blaireandben #itsfinewerefine
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    • When your brother is getting big but you still want to hold him... you gotta pinch his butt because he’s so wiggly. 😂😬😍 #blaireandben •
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    • It is definitely bittersweet to leave the house where we brought both of these babies home. But we are excited for our next chapter as a family of five! #rainbowbaby #blaireandben
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    • Last night was our first night in the new house. 👏🏻 We still have lots of stuff to bring from the old house and then lots of cleaning over there before the final walk through and closing next Monday. Then we can focus on getting this house unpacked and organized. But first, I would like a nap. 😴 #blaireandben
    • Happy Halloween! 🎃 👻 #blaireandben
    • Bsquared #BlaireandBen 😍😘☺️
    • This sums up our Sunday. After driving around like crazy people to go to three parties yesterday, today was lazy and included movies, popcorn, long naps, quick trick or treat at the mall and then spaghetti pizza. And I might be eating my kids candy on the couch right now. 😍 How was your weekend? #blaireandben
    • Childhood... drinking a frosty in your teepee. what. a. life. We had a slow weekend. Literally vegged out at home 95% of the time and it was marvelous.  #blaireandben
    • It’s that time of the year again... you were just packing away the summer clothes and then it’s all of a sudden 80°. What’s the weather like where you live? #blaireandben