Ben: 13 & 14 months

May 27, 2018

Ben has had so many firsts and milestones in the past two months. He went from crawling to running, looks like a big boy after his first haircut, gave up formula and is sleeping in his own crib. Ben’s stats and photos for 13 months are from March 21 through April 21 and 14 months are from April 21 through May 21.

Most of his exciting firsts came from our trip to Florida at the end of April. He went on his first flight, dipped his toes in the ocean for the first time and went to Walt Disney World where he got his first haircut. He is still our sweet, happy, outgoing boy. 

Benjamin Robert, March 2018 Benjamin Robert, March 2018 Benjamin Robert, March 2018Weight: 22.5lbs
Mostly 12 months – Fits into some 18 months tops.
Saying: Mama, Dada, Hi Dada, Go
Favorite Things: Trying to get into all of the cabinets, chasing his big sister around, clapping, giving high fives, 
Biggest Milestone: Teeth #7! Bottom (his) right and finally walking… sometimes. He still prefers to crawl (at super high speeds) or to be worn by mama.
Biggest Challenge: SLEEP. I swear this child will never sleep through the night. After our upcoming vacation I’m going to work on completely weaning him from bottles and formula.
My Favorite Part of This Stage: His sweetness. He loves his family so, so much. All of his family. Grandparents, uncles, you name it.
Looking Forward To: Our first flight and vacation to the beach as a family of four! Also Ben’s first haircut at Disney World.

Benjamin Robert, April 2018 Benjamin Robert, April 2018 Benjamin Robert, April 2018 Benjamin Robert, April 2018 Benjamin Robert, April 2018Weight: 21.3lbs
12 months and 18 months
Saying: Mama, Dada, Hi Dada, Go, Car, Hi, Blaire, Ball
Favorite Things: Playing with anything sister is playing with! 
Biggest Milestone: His first plane rides, first trip to the beach/ocean, first hair cut, tooth #8, bottom (his) left and basically running around everywhere all of the time. He is also sleeping in his own crib and even making it in there until 6AM some nights. 
Biggest Challenge: He’s into everything! And if you take it away or tell him no that’s just all the more incentive for him to get into it. Also… screaming. Very few things make him angry and most of them involve food. Don’t take away his ice cream, remote controls, or his binky.
My Favorite Part of This Stage: His hugs and kisses… and hearing him say new words!
Looking Forward To: Watching him and Blaire play together all summer.

Just when I think he can’t get any sweeter, he decided to start giving hugs. He runs right up to us to give us a hug and it is so adorable and heartwarming. Benjamin Robert, you are so sweet I would take a whole gang of you if I could! You’re so outgoing and we are so lucky God chose us to be your family. 

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