daily feeding schedule at 13 months old

April 23, 2018

13 Month Feeding ScheduleBen is 13 months old, which means he is now transitioning to a diet of mostly food and whole milk, and less formula. We spend the ages of 6 months through 12 months working on feeding him from a spoon and then letting him feed himself with his fingers. Our pediatrician explained it was important to help him develop the muscle we use for chewing, instead of focusing more on the sucking motion (that they already use for bottles and then would use for pouches). Around 12 months we started offering him pouches of yogurt, apple sauce, and some baby food purees. 

We have reusable pouches, so I can put pureed baby food in there to let him easily feed himself while we’re out and about. But we also use purees as a way for him to practice using a spoon to feed himself. He LOVES it! While he definitely makes a mess and doesn’t eat more than 1/2 of it with the spoon, I’m happy to feed him the rest when he’s decided he’s done with the spoon. 

13 Month Feeding Schedule13 Month Feeding Schedule 13 Month Feeding Schedule 13 Month Feeding ScheduleAt Ben’s 12 month well check, he weighed in at 20.9lbs, which was only 6 oz. more than he weighed at his 9 month well visit and put him at 18% for his age. So, we decided to keep feeding him formula in addition to whole milk and foods rich in healthy fats. It has been almost one month since that well visit and he’s up to 22lbs, which puts him around 55%, so I’m happy with his growth and we’re going to continue to stick with this feeding schedule for now. 

Here is a sample of his daily feeding schedule.

5AM | Wakes up, has bottle, falls back asleep
6 oz. of Toddler Formula

8:30AM | Breakfast
Yogurt, a pancake or waffle, fruit, and water.

10:30AM | Snack
Crackers or cheese and whole milk.

12:30 | Lunch
Meat (Shredded chicken is his favorite!), fruit, veggie, and whole milk.

3PM | Snack
Fruit, crackers and whole milk. 

6PM | Dinner
He typically eats whatever we’re having. So he’ll have at least meat, bread, veggie, and water.

7:30PM | Bedtime
8 oz of Toddler Formula

13 Month Feeding Schedule 13 Month Feeding Schedule13 Month Feeding Schedule 13 Month Feeding ScheduleWhen we first starting feeding Ben, I was making his baby food. But I have found some pre-made foods, made with real food. They have a thicker consistency and more texture than traditional purees, just like homemade. They’re Gerber’s 2nd Foods® Apple and Carrot purees. Ben is definitely a fan and so is his mama. ;) 

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What are (or were) your 13-month-old’s favorite foods? There are very few things this boy won’t eat – he especially loves his carbs! So give me all the ideas. 

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    vyshali sinclair
    August 30, 2018 at 1:05 am

    Hi, how many oz of whole milk with each meal ?

    • Reply
      August 30, 2018 at 2:42 pm

      Hi! Usually 4oz.

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