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April 30, 2018

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I am SO excited for warm weather, since it means less time cooped up inside and WAY more time outside with my family. As Blaire gets older, it seems like I’m struggling to find new things to keep her entertained in our backyard. All of her outdoor toys are things she loved when she was between 14 months through about three. So now she’s a little too big for the slide and the ride-on toys we have and our backyard isn’t ideal for her to ride her tricycle in. So I was super excited to receive this Babbleboxx full of items to help us come up with some new adventures for spring! We tried each of them out and I’m happy to share them with you.

Babbleboxx Just for KidsSnazaroo Brush Pens
There are few things Blaire loves more than getting her face painted. Any time there is face painting available, she’s begging us to let her. They even painted her face (like Marshall from Paw Patrol) the day after Ben was born. She came to the hospital with a full face of paint. The nurses loved it! And now it’s what she typically requests when she is able to get her face painted. So these Snazaroo Brush Pens are one of our favorite things! They come in 12 colors and are fragrance and paraben free, which means they’re the perfect face paint for Blaire’s sensitive skin. The Snazaroo Brush Pens come with easy to use brush tips, that are as easy to use as concealer which means they’re virtually mess free. When she decides she’s over it or wants to be something else, they’re super easy to wash off with just warm water and a little soap. You can find Snazaroo Face Paint Brush Pens on Amazon and Snazaroo.comBabbleboxx Just for KidsBooks: Dinosaurs Living in My Hair and Dinosaurs Living in My Hair 2
Everyone in our house loves reading! Sitting and flipping through the pages of books is actually one of Ben’s favorite things to do. The books Dinosaurs Living in My Hair and Dinosaurs Living in My Hair 2 are award-winning books written by Jayne Rose-Vallee. They teach children to see the fun in the things that make them different than their friends. There are not a ton of children’s books about bullying, that I have found anyways, so these make a great addition to any child’s library. Blaire’s favorite part of the stories is the rhyming in each line, just like a poem! Babbleboxx Just for KidsBabbleboxx Just for KidsPEZ Jurassic World Collection
PEZ Candy dispensers are something I have LOVED since I was a kid. Blaire has liked collecting them of her favorite characters. She thinks dinosaurs are really fascinating, so she has been excited to play with these. They’re super easy to throw in her bag to entertain her when we’re on-the-go, whether it’s a car ride or running (boring) errands with me. Blaire’s favorite Jurassic World PEZ dispenser is the T-Rex! Find out more about Jurassic World PEZ dispensers.

Sprout Crispy Chews
These soft, crispy chews are a favorite of both of my kiddos. All snacks made by Sprout contain USDA certified organic, non-GMO ingredients and a mix of whole fruits, veggies, and grains. Each pack is made with a full serving of REAL fruits and veggies. It isn’t always easy to find a snack that is both a baby food and a toddler snack. We brought them with on our trip and they have been Ben’s favorite snack. He loves them! Learn more about Sprout Crispy Chews here.

Zenni Optical Kids Flexible Glasses
While Blaire doesn’t need prescription glasses, she is like a lot of other children in thinking glasses are awesome! Jason wears contacts during the day and glasses at night. She also has a friend she looks up to who wears glasses, so when I showed her the sample pair of Zenni kids’ glasses, she was SO excited. She said it made her look like a big girl, and she’s right! These glasses are so cool! There are no hinges or metal parts. They are super flexible frames, which is obviously important for children’s glasses. They are also really comfortable and she is happy to wear them for hours at a time. They also come with a removable strap. You can see the glasses in action in this video.

Babbleboxx Just for Kids

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