blaire is 4!

March 6, 2018

Blaire, age 4My baby girl is four-years-old. She is “officially” no longer considered a toddler and is now considered a preschooler. Boy, that happened quickly. She is so independent. She likes to do things herself and she likes to do them her own way.

She is like a little mama to Ben… Always bossing him around and trying to keep him out of trouble. She is really good about keeping any of her small toys in her room and off the floor so that Ben can’t get them. She likes to “read” to him. She doesn’t like him pulling himself up on the coffee table and is always trying to keep him from getting hurt. Now that Ben is mobile, she loves to play with him. She “picks him up” and moves her over to wherever she’s playing so that he can play. 

She loves to play board games and is still learning that you don’t win every time. She loves doing crafts and coloring and likes to color pictures for our family and friends. She also likes to do anything I’m doing. Whether it’s laundry, cleaning, or cooking – she’s right there with her step stool helping me in any way she can. Blaire, age 4Nicknames: Blairsey, Sweetie Pea, Baby Girl

Height/Weight: 40.75″ (72 percentile) | 38lbs (79 percentile)

Learning: She’s really doing well at counting to 20 and we are going to start working on letters with her more. She can write a few letters really well, and since she’s home with me, I just really need to start working with her more consistently before she starts preschool in the fall. She really loves to color and do crafts and she is getting really good at coloring inside the lines. 

Watching: Sunny Day, My Little Pony, Barbie, Vampirina and Puppy Dog Pals

Reading: She loves the Llama Llama books! They are her favorites. 

What She Wants to be When She Grows Up: A hair stylist and a mom. She loves the show Sunny Day, and Sunny is a hair stylist. 

Favorite Things to Do: Playing board games with Jason and I, playing hide and seek, swinging at the park and going down slides. She is taking dance class this year, she does tap and ballet. She will have her first recital over Mother’s Day weekend and her ballet dance is actually a mom & daughter dance, so I’ll get to do it with her! She also loves playing Barbies and dressing up. She watches Barbie and some other shows, so she takes a lot of the things they talk about and then reenacts those… So she’s always talking about her “sisters”. Lol! 

Favorite Foods: Chocolate milk, goldfish, hot dogs, popcorn, fruit snacks and cherry tomatoes

Biggest Milestone: Signing up for preschool and getting to turn forward-facing in her car seat. She is so excited to be able to watch the TV screen in the car! haha. She is also working towards sleeping in her own bed consistently. First, we’re working on her falling asleep in her own bed, then we’ll work on keeping her there all night. Right now, she has a sticker chart and whenever she gets 6 stickers, she gets a prize. 

My Favorite Part of This Stage: She is a great helper. She loves to do “chores” around the house. From helping me clean the wood floors, to picking up Ben’s toys, to mating and pairing socks. She wants to help us with everything she can. She gets an “allowance” and loves to save it up for something special at Target. So far, she has saved up to buy a Rapunzel Bow & Arrow. Right now she’s saving up to buy some clothes for her Belle Bear she made at Build A Bear on her birthday. 

Blaire, age 4 Blaire, age 4 Blaire, age 4 Blaire, age 4 Blaire, age 4 Blaire, age 4 Blaire, age 4 Blaire, age 4 Blaire, age 4 Blaire, age 4 Blaire, age 4And the Sing soundtrack is her absolute favorite. She loves to sing Hallelujah to me in the car and it is so sweet. I wish I could bottle up her energy and positivity. She gets excited about everything. She counts down the days until the weekend because she loves having daddy home with us. She loves counting down the days until our friend’s and family member’s birthdays. She is always asking what our plan is for the day and begging to go to the park. 

Even with the challenging times that come along with raising a threenager, being a mom is SO much more rewarding than I even imagined it could be. She loves to cuddle, which is one of the reasons she still ends up in our bed every night. She loves snuggling up to her daddy. On the nights when she wants to fall asleep in our bed she always says she is warming up his side of the bed for him… and never my side. Lol!

She wants to be just like mom and dad. She wants to cheer on the Hawkeyes like dad, she wants to help him shovel and mow the lawn, but she wants to do her makeup and dress up just like mama. She makes us crazy some nights when she’s come out of her room at bedtime for the 14th time, but she is so darn cute we can’t stay that way for long. I hope she is always so confident in herself. I love that she knows she can do anything. I’ll do whatever it takes to show her she’s right, she can do anything she sets her mind to! 

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