Ben: 11 Months

March 20, 2018

Benjamin Robert 11 months

I have been doing these 2 months at a time, but I have a big post ready for his first birthday (tomorrow!) so I published month 11 by itself. 

Weight: 20.5lbs
Mostly 12 months 
Favorite Things: Remotes, swinging, he loves “reading” by himself aka turning the pages in books, 
Biggest Milestone: Teeth #5 and #6. The top (his) right and the one next to it. The fastest crawler ever! 
Biggest Challenge: None other than sleep training. He starting putting himself to sleep in his pack and play okay, but then I started feeding him his night time bottle in the rocker and he would always fall asleep before I put him to bed. So now we will have to sleep train him again. 
My Favorite Part of This Stage: Seeing him and Blaire play together. She gets a little frustrated because he’s always getting into whatever she’s doing… but she loves that he loves her so much. 
Looking Forward To: Ben saying mama!! Some day. And seeing him take his first steps. 

Benjamin Robert 11 months Benjamin Robert 11 monthsBenjamin Robert 11 monthsHe is just so outgoing and so happy all of the time. Just like his dad. He’s always smiling and usually happy. He loves to cuddle, but gets wiggly when he’s ready to crawl away. He has a love/hate relationship with bath time. For weeks he LOVES it and then we HATES it. And screams and cries and wiggles and thrashes like it’s the worst thing ever. So, maybe some day he will love baths again. 

Benjamin Robert, how we love you!

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