making bath time easier with the summer infant my bath seat™

February 26, 2018

Thank you to Summer Infant for featuring today’s post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Summer Infant My Bath SeatOkay, so I posted a few weeks ago about moving Ben’s baths to the sink because he is so crazy in the bath tub. So, lucky for us, Summer Infant chose us to try out their new My Bath Seat™ that launched in January. And I’m happy to announce it’s amazing! 

I couldn’t find a bath seat when I wanted to use one with Blaire. Many were taken off the market because they easily tipped over and were a danger to children. This seat is different than traditional bath seats. Most bath seats had suction cups on the bottom of the seat, and this one also has sturdy arms that suction to the sides of the tub on three sides. So, while YES, you should ALWAYS keep baby within adult’s reach, it’s nice to be able to have both hands while washing and rinsing them. And, it’s nice because Ben gets to sit up on his own and doesn’t have me squeezing his arm the whole time.

Summer Infant My Bath Seat Summer Infant My Bath Seat Summer Infant My Bath SeatAs you can see, Ben is loving his new bath seat! It makes me feel confident in letting Ben sit in the big tub, which is amazing. Just remember, ALWAYS keep baby within adult’s reach. I can’t stress that enough! Also, it does state in the instructions you can only use the seat in the tub with the child who is using the seat, which means no sibling baths. But honestly, the seat takes up about half of our tub, so Blaire would want more space to splash around, anyways. And she has liked helping me give him a bath, so it’s worked out well for us.

Have you tried a bath seat with your little one? Also, what are your favorite bath toys? I threw out most of Blaire’s and need to stock Ben up with some new ones.

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