Ben: 9 & 10 Months

January 29, 2018

Ben, 9 & 10 Months Old

9 months

Weight/Weight: 20.3lbs (24%) / 20.3″ (45%)
Mostly into 12 months now.
Favorite Things: He loves when we read to him, he still loves to chew on everything, and loves to crawl over and get into whatever his sister is playing with.
Biggest Milestone: His third tooth popped through just the day before he turned 9 months. It’s his top right (if you’re looking at him). He is also pulling himself up to his knees and then to his feet.
Biggest Challenge: Sleeping and babyproofing! It’s a challenge to get Blaire to always be mindful of what she has on the floor. This third tooth is a nightmare. He will sleep in his pack and play for the first few hours of the night, but then he will only sleep if I hold him. So he spends most of the night wiggling around and I spend most of the night half awake.
My Favorite Part of This Stage: That stage is so hard! He’s always pulling himself up on things and then falling over. So I will say my least favorite part of this stage is my constant worry.
Looking Forward To: Possibly a break from teething? Maybe getting him to sleep in his crib?

Ben, 9 months oldBen, 9 months oldBen, 9 months oldBen, 9 months oldBen, 9 months oldBen, 9 months oldBen, 9 months old

10 months

Weight/Height: 20.3lbs / 27.5″ 
12 months
Favorite Things: We moved his baths to the sink and he FINALLY loves baths again! Like, LOVES, them. He splashes like nobody’s business.
Eating: Moving from purees onto solids and he’s loving it! The doctor told us at his 9 month well check that he can eat anything now, except for honey, so we’re feeding him smalls pieces of whatever we’re having for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some favorites are french toast, Chick-Fil-A nuggets and yogurt.
Biggest Milestone: Tooth number 4! It’s to the (his) left of his middle, top tooth.
Biggest Challenge: Sleeping? Teething? He’s still taking a bottle overnight and falling asleep in his rock ‘n play at bedtime, then we move him into his pack ‘n play and then when he wakes up around 1AM, I hold him in our bed for the rest of the night.
My Favorite Part of This Stage: Seeing him try new foods! He is really getting good at feeding himself and is loving it.
Looking Forward To: Sleeping through the night again? Too much to ask for? Honestly, I am still just trying to slow all of this down. I love seeing his personality develop and seeing what he is interested in, but I would gladly keep him my little baby for a bit longer.

Ben, 10 months old Ben, 10 months old Ben, 10 months old Ben, 10 months old

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