Ben: 7 & 8 Months

January 29, 2018

Ben, 7 & 8 Months Old

7 months

Weight: 18.5lbs
Wearing: Mostly wearing 9 months, but some of the Cloud Island 3-6 month sleepers still fit. Score!
Favorite Things: Rolling around on the floor, pulling hair, chewing on everything.
Biggest Milestone: Rolling consistently and getting his first tooth! 
Biggest Challenge: Sleep. I miss my little baby who slept through the night.
My Favorite Part of This Stage: Messy baby face while Ben is eating. He loves almost everything, so far he has only not liked bananas.
Looking Forward To: Hopefully some better sleep after he gets his first tooth. And getting into a better schedule day-to-day.

Ben, 7 months old Ben, 7 months old

Ben, 7 months old Ben, 7 months old

Also, please know I was buckling him into his carseat after daycare and stopped to take the photo of him above. I did not carry him in his carseat or drive in the car with his chest clip this loose. :)

8 months

Weight: 19.5lbs
Wearing: 9 months
Favorite Things: Anything that belongs to his sister. Now that he can crawl, he is in to everything! He wants whatever she is playing with. 
Biggest Milestone: Crawling and getting his second tooth. Also – being home with mama all day! ;)
Biggest Challenge: Ben being mobile… time to baby proof all the things. Also, still not sleeping consistently at night. I chalk it up to teething.
My Favorite Part of This Stage: Listening to his babbling and seeing how proud he is of himself as he is crawling around.
Looking Forward To: Ben learning some words.

Ben, 8 months old Ben, 8 months old Ben, 8 months old Ben, 8 months old Ben, 8 months old

Ben, we love that you’re so outgoing and you love to smile. Your sister can’t wait for you to start chasing her around. 

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    Carol Davis
    January 29, 2018 at 9:33 pm

    Love reading your mon. updates and you get the BEST pictures too ! 💕💕💕

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