6 month must haves

November 23, 2017

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At 6 months old Ben is happy to finally be able to play on the floor with his sister. He can sit up on his own, he likes to “stand” with help and he is really trying to crawl. I think of 6 months as the age of teething and the start of mobility.  He wants to chew on everything he plays with, so we keep plenty of teething toys around. Honestly, anything Blaire plays with is what Ben wants… but I’ve rounded up the things he likes to, and is able to, play with by himself and the things we have found that make taking care of him a little bit easier. 

6 Month Baby Must Haves | Happily Trista Blog

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1 | Explore & More Jumpscape Foldaway Jumper c/o Skip Hop: While he doesn’t know how to actually jump in this toy yet, he does love sitting in it! He has figured out how to spin around and loves playing with and chewing on each of the toys. I love that the top easily unhooks so that it can fold to store beneath the couch. And it’s nowhere near as loud, bright and large as the jumper/exersaucer we had for Blaire at this age.

2 | Fox Wood Teether c/o Smiling Tree Toy Company: This is Ben’s ABSOLUTE favorite teething toy. I wish he could tell me why. Is it the taste of the wood? Is it how hard of a material it is? Is it because his name is on it? We’ll never know. 

3 | Bella Bunny Ears Teether c/o Lamaze: This is another one of Ben’s favorite teethers. He LOVES to chew on her ears. We keep her in the diaper bag with us at all times because she can keep him entertained through (almost) an entire meal or shopping trip.

4 | Leather Pacifier Clip: We didn’t have any pacified clips with Blaire, and I think that’s why we used the Wubbanubs, because it was easier to find them and she could more easily find them herself when she was in her carseat. 

5 | Explore & More Follow-Bee c/o Skip Hop: This bee is so cute! Ben wants to catch her so badly. And while he can’t officially crawl to her, he will roll, scoot and do whatever he has to do to get the bee off of her cloud. 

6 | Footed One Piece Sleeper: These PJs are the best. I always stock up when they’re 50% off because then they’re a way better deal. I like that you can still fold the sleeves over their hands, even in the 6-9 month size. We always sleep with the fan on at night so Ben’s hands can be really cold overnight if they aren’t covered. The quality of these are great and there are quite a few pretty, neutral colors to choose from.

7 | Antilop High Chair: We sold our “fancy” high chair that we had for Blaire and trekked to Ikea to get this one. A few friends vouched for it and told me they loved theirs. It’s easy to clean, easy to take a part and I love how simple it looks.

8 | Aden + Anais Bibs: These bibs are my favorites. They’re just the right size. The larger ones seem to get extra messy because every time he moves they’re wiping against his hands or the high chair tray or the spoon. These are smaller, so they lay flat on his chest and, so far, any color food has come out of them in the wash. 

9 | 50/50 Transition Swaddle c/o Love to Dream: We loved their basic swaddle when Ben was little and once he was able to roll, we were able to unzip the arms off of this one. We loved it so much we bought extras for daycare because we wanted him to sleep just as well during nap times there.

10 | Sophie La Giraffe Teether: Sophie was a staple for Blaire and our new Sophie is a staple for Ben. She has been one of the first teething toys they can actually grasp, even back around 4-months-old, which is when they both started showing initial signs of teething. 

Boy oh boy, I can’t believe our little guy is already so grown up. Eating solids, moving all around, and cutting his first teeth. 

What were your favorite items for your baby at 6 months old? What about 9 months?! Mama isn’t ready for a walker… let’s hope he waits until closer to 11 months like his sister. ;)

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