a healthier baby with only 5ml of breastmilk per day

September 4, 2017

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Breastfeeding is quality time1Breastfeeding is hard. SO hard. For me, anyways. I realize it’s not that way for everyone, but for me, it has been. Blaire wasn’t exclusively breastfed past day 3 and Ben only was for the first few weeks. I have one lazy boob that barely makes anything. I am uncomfortable nursing in public and when company is over I felt (and still feel) rude going into another room to nurse. My supply isn’t enough to NOT supplement with formula and honestly I’m okay with that. Going back to work at 12 weeks with both of my babies was tough and stressful, and with that stress, both times I’ve lost more of my supply. 

I have mixed feelings about my dwindling milk supply. I’ve tried supplements. I’ve tried oatmeal, and drinking water and eating cookies. I can see a little bit of a difference, but is it worth driving myself crazy to go from pumping one ounce (every 3-4 hours) to two ounces? But… if I do all of those things, I may get 3 or 4 ounces and that’s SO exciting! But those times are few and far between. Most days I am CRAZY busy all day at work, it’s hard to make myself step away from my desk to get water (P.S. I also HATE water, so I have to make sure I keep something around to flavor it with. AH, I’m a weirdo, I know). So then I’m back to the one ounce.

I’m lugging my pump to work. I’m stepping away from my desk twice a day. I’m washing pump parts. Do I keep trying to up my supply? Is pumping worth it?

I like nursing. The only perk to pumping is it’s quicker… for me and my kiddos, anyways. A pump doesn’t get distracted by their big sister… or the TV… or the dog… ha! But a pump also doesn’t have precious eyes that look up at me so happy to be with mom. It doesn’t remind me of those precious hours of skin-to-skin right after giving birth. 

So where am I going with all of this? I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you’ve never thought of giving your baby probiotics. I hadn’t. The only time our pediatrician has recommended one is when one of our children has been on an antibiotic. When Evivo reached out to me, I did tons of research on the benefits of giving a probiotic to an infant. 97% of babies are missing the (good!) bacteria B. infantis. Without it, there are ingredients in breast milk that your baby can’t digest. Evivo contains this active strain of good bacteria, which means the nutrients in your breast milk are fully utilized to protect your baby’s gut. This harmful bacteria is linked to a higher risk of eczema, allergies, diabetes, and obesity. 

The best part? You only need 3-5ml of breast milk for each serving of probiotic. You add your 3-5ml of breastmilk into the provided dish, add in the little packet of probiotic and then mix it together in the dish. It comes with a 5ml dropper, so you just suck it up in that and feed it to your baby. I use 5ml and Ben is still not a fan of the taste. So it is a struggle some days to get him to take it. I guess I could do 3ml and have less to feed him since he already doesn’t like the taste? Definitely something for me to try!

The Best Health is Wealth Evivo Probiotics Breastfeeding is quality time1 Breastfeeding is quality time1Have you tried probiotics for your little one? I have friends who have RAVED about their benefits. One said their little one’s colic went away. Other say they could tell it helped their little one’s tummies, which helped them sleep for longer stretches at night. 

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    September 4, 2017 at 9:57 pm

    Stressing over having enough milk totally takes away the joys of breastfeeding. I think you are either blessed with enough milk or not. I do nothing special besides drink a little more fluids in a day and I have 2 deep freezers full of milk and still nurse when I am with my LO. No one judges anyone with how they feed their baby as long as they are healthy

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