Blaire: 3.5 Years Old

September 20, 2017

Thank you to Little Adventures for sending Blaire the dresses featured in this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Classic Rapunzel Little Adventures Dress

Our first sweet, sassy babe is officially three and a half! She’s so smart and witty. She knows how to push our buttons and then knows how to unpush them (is that a thing?) She is so silly and loves to make funny voices and play pretend. She wants to be just like her mama and loves to “put on makeup” with me and loves when I pretend to blow dry her hair. She could spend hours in the tub, just being a mermaid, and hasn’t seen a Princess movie she doesn’t like. 

Nicknames: Blaire Bear, Blairsey, Sissy

Height/Weight: 3’2″ / 36lbs

Favorite Words/Things to Say: She likes to play pretend and wants to tell you exactly what to say back to her. 

What She’s Learning: She knows her and Ben’s names start with a B. So she will see his name and think it’s hers and vice versa. She’s really good at coloring and she likes to try to draw hearts and the letter B. She also took a ballet, tap and tumbling class this summer and she is doing it again this fall, too!

Favorite Things: Her stuffed unicorn, Acorn, goes EVERYWHERE with her. She has just started LOVING to play Barbies. She loves to dress up and has quite the imagination. She also loves changing into her pajamas “comfy clothes” as soon as we get home in the evenings. She likes going to the park, taking walks as a family, and watching movies together with popcorn. 

Favorite Foods: Chocolate Milk, Hot Dogs, Mac ‘n Cheese, Pizza, Turkey, Cheese, Chick-Fil-A, French Fries, Watermelon, Green Beans, Goldfish

Biggest Milestone: Transitioning back to daycare full time after being home with mom on maternity leave. I knew it would be tough on her because she really is a mama’s girl. She lives for the weekend and spending time at home with her family. She was such a great big sister and always said she would go check on Ben in his classroom for me during the day.

Biggest Challenge: Her sassiness! She knows what she wants, when she wants it. She doesn’t like to take no for an answer and can be quite bossy. She is also quite the negotiator. 

My Favorite Part of This Stage: Watching how sweet and caring she is with Ben. She knows how to make him happy. She likes to sing to him and is such a proud big sis. She likes to brag to everyone that Benny is her little brother. 

Looking Forward To: Seeing her to continue to be independent and maybe a tap and ballet dance recital in the spring!

Yellow Beauty Little Adventures Dress

As told by Blaire

My Favorite Foods: Hot Dogs, Pizza, Yogurt

My Favorite Thing to Do: Go to the park and go on the slide and I like to sing.

What is something mom always says to you?: Do not run in the parking lot.

What is something dad always says to you?: Go Hawks!

What is your favorite thing about Ben?: His laugh

Who is your best friend?: Natalie and Addilyn and Nora

What’s your favorite thing about “school”?: Seeing my friends and having new friends.

Who is your favorite stuffed animal?: Jackie (Jackie Bear)

What is your favorite color?: Pink… and blue… and red

What is your favorite song to sing?: Rockabye Baby to Ben

Classic Rapunzel Little Adventures DressDeluxe Rapunzel Little Adventures Dress Yellow Beauty Little Adventures DressYellow Beauty Little Adventures Dress

Yellow Beauty Dress c/o Little Adventures | Deluxe Rapunzel Dress c/o Little Adventures

Ugh, how gorgeous are these princess dresses? They’re from Little Adventures and you’d NEVER believe their price. The detailing on them is gorgeous AND they’re machine washable (SUPER. IMPORTANT.) You should’ve seen the look on Blaire’s face when she saw there were gloves in our package.  She couldn’t wait to put them on!

You can save 15% on your Little Adventures order with code TTP15%… AND… they ALWAYS offer free shipping in the US. (Free shipping are two of my favorite words.) Also, these dresses are so beautiful, they would even make the perfect Halloween costume! 

Blaire Bear, you are such a joy! Being a mama is such a mix of looking back through old pictures and feeling nostalgic, but also being obsessed with the tiny person they keep growing in to. 

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