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Bath Time Must Haves for Baby

August 26, 2017

Thank you to Tubby Todd for sponsoring this post. The links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.Ben at BathtimeEveryone loves a freshly-bathed baby, am I right?! From those nerve-wracking newborn baby baths, to the toddler you have to drag out of the back after 30 minutes, some of my favorite quality time with my babies is bath time. 

It took me awhile to get the hang of bathing a baby. They’re so wiggly and tiny and they have no body control for those first few months. With Blaire, we didn’t have a good baby tub, so she wasn’t a fan of bath time for the first two-three months.

I bought JUMBO sizes of brand name baby soap, and then came across terrifying articles about their cancer-causing chemical ingredients a few weeks after she was born. So those went into the trash and I went on to try approximately 6 other brands before I found one I LOVED. 

So, in my trial and error of bathing babies over the past 42 months, I’ve rounded up my favorite items for bathing your baby and/or toddler.
Bath Time Must Haves for Baby (& Toddler!) | Shopaholic & a Baby Blog

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1| Boon SOAK 3 Stage Tub c/o: We LOVE this tub. I’ve recommended it to ALL of my friends. We actually bought one, and then received one from Boon. So I was happy to gift one to a friend for their new babe. We can fit it in our large kitchen sink, which was perfect for the newborn stage. When he needed just sponge baths, we actually were able to layer a warm towel in there and he LOVED it. Now that he’s larger, we’ve flipped the little seat around. When he can sit up on his own, you can remove the seat completely, making it perfect for toddlers up to 18 months.

2| Tubby Todd Hair & Body Wash c/o: We LOVE Tubby Todd. I have tried many different baby bath products and either they’re gentle on skin or they smell good, never both, until Tubby Todd! And, their body wash even bubbles! That’s super important to toddlers, trust me.

3| Tubby Todd 100% Natural Everyday Lotion c/o: Same goes for this lotion as the body wash. We’ve tried a ton and this is the best that’s gentle AND actually smells soooo good.

4| Skip Hop Spout Cover: A spout cover is good once your baby is out of their baby tub and in the big tub. It’s saved Blaire’s head from the spout a time or two! 

5| Oh Joy Infant Towels: These towels are SO cute! And they’re 100% Cotton, unlike most infant towels that are microfiber. I think they’re more absorbent and feel so much nicer! 

6| Wash Cloths: No explanation necessary.

7| Bath Kneeler: Some call this a bath kneeler, some call it a knee saver. 

8| Children’s Towel: You only need a few infant towels, since most babies will start to outgrow them around 6 months. 

9| Nuby Rinser c/o: This is awesome for bathing your infant and for washing your toddler’s hair. We’ve had it for three years and it’s still perfect!Tubby Todd Hair & Body Wash

Ah, there’s nothing as adorable as baby toes splashing around in a bubble bath! What are your favorites for bathing your baby or toddler? xo

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